Resistances and esoteric

Is it better to get belt/pants/boots with all res or without all res but with physical res if I have esoteric on max level?

On all you set pieces you should always try to get all resist on them. Than work with other gear to balance you resist out. On resist you should have min of 1200 on your lowest resist before it really starts to help.

I have always gone by a rule #1 resist, #2 armor, & #3 damage. If you can’t stay alive you can’t kill. Most people go for damage and don’t do any thing about the other two.

Yes a lot Damage is good to have, but if you are not working resist & armor what good is it.

But what if I end up bumping up mostly physical resistance instead of all resistance and use esoteric? Then in this case I would end with much better overall resist all and better mitigation and better thoughness than when I would get all resistances everywhere and not use esoteric.

I think you misunderstanding what that gem does. Yes it does double your toughness when you put on. But it only kicks in when you 50% below life. Once you are above that 50% it stop working at 75% resist for the other 5.

The only character I ever use it on is the DH Shadow build. Plus what character do you want to use this one?

You seem not to understand at all how it works.

I explained how it works yesterday on the EU version of your thread…