Reset June 11, yo!

Let’s goooooooooooo!

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I tried going back but the stash size so small and mulling so annoying… why I can’t wait for new version to be out.


I usually play every reset and have a ton of fun on the hardcore ladder the first few weeks. Might give this one a break to save some novelty for when D2R kicks off.

I can understand that. It might not happen until December though. I need my D2 fix now! :smiley:

25fps and bad graphics makes the game unplayable. It was already really bad in the 2000s. We were playing Counter-Strike with over 100fps and the game felt terrible to play at the time IMO. Looking forward to D2R though.

Keep in mind this game was released when 300-600 megahertz single core CPU’s were mainstream, 128 megabytes of RAM was “high end”, 64MB was the ‘norm’, if you had 256MB of RAM, you were a god. The Voodoo 3 series graphics cards had been out for a bit over a year. Oh those were the times. DIABLO 2 LOOKED FANTASTIC! :stuck_out_tongue:

My Athlon 600A was awesome though. I had that puppy cranked up to 800Mhz on a good ole ABIT motherboard… Ooooohh the speed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I mean, Baldurs Gate: The Dark Alliance came out in 2001. Look at how fantastic that game looks even by today standards. There is even a remaster being released this month on PC.

But i guess i remember wrong when i said i played Counter-strike with over 100fps in the 2000s. That wasnt before 2003 with an Athlon 64 and Geforce 4200TI .