Reset, Extension, or PTR Ending on2/7/2023

Are they going to close down the PTR, or reset/extend it?

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Wouldn’t mind a patch with bugfixes and removal of the red helm gem etc and leaderbord reset… but guessing that won’t happen :slight_smile:


I feel you. There were lots of players who drank the cheater-aide, and show up on the drunk (with potion power) leaderboards. :rofl:

As Eddie Murphy once said in Nutty Professor “take that #### off your head”. :rofl:

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You realize, we just grinding paragons in case they extend right?

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False. If they extend the PTR, it will be with a new patch, so we will have to recheck the Altar and some problems like the interaction between Natalya and Shadow.

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extension doesn’t mean paragon reset.

Grinding paragons is not necessary on the PTR to test it and give some feedbacks or report a bug.
It’s not the goal (like have a full primal build…).

Great. I already tested what i wanted. so now i’m grinding paragons for next round incase they extend.

Good for you, I prefer gain some paragons on the live servers, paragons I could keep afterwards

Oh man, i’d love to do that. Unfortunately. FoTH is very laggy. PTR actually has better performance in 4 man 150’s, than Foth in solo 134.

I wouldn’t mind an extension to the PTR. After all they haven’t announced the end of S27 yet so there’s plenty of space in the schedule for an extension. Besides having only 1 week PTR without any additional patch and testing to changes could result in unforseen issues when something untested goes live. It has happened before.


Depends on what their plans were prior to the PTR. After all, they had some reason to schedule the PTR shorter than normal.

They’re playing close to the vest, but the main reason was their hard deadline for D4 of 6/6. That could still be the case, but the feedback here could alter their future plans for D3. I’ve been pushing for a reset and extension, myself.

They added an update to the PTR 2.7.5 Preview post. The update is in red text, just under the first graphic at the top of the post. Season 27 will be ending Feb. 19th. See here: