Repost - List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/28


Perhaps they allow cheating like bots, turbohud, auto hot key.
Perhaps the bugs and countless complaints are not their concern.
Perhaps there is no one there.
Perhaps they are not listening.


Communities unavailable, clan unavailable, wtf is this. It was working few days ago and now broken.


Hi all, FYI, I’ve updated my *previous post in the thread with 10/1 edits. As the issues continue to be addressed, I’ll return with further updates. Thanks again for hanging in there!


Still not working…


@Araxom : Thank you for the update.

Would you please confirm that Blizzard is aware of clan-related issues (code 319045 and 34200) currently afflicting many players in Europe ?

Thank you.


You got it, Boubou! I see that at least the 34200 is being discussed currently - for my own edification, how/when are you specifically receiving these errors?


@Araxom : Error 34200 was reported yesterday… the player attempted to leave a community because it wasn’t available… thinking to try and re-connect to it.

He got a message saying “The Diablo servers are not available; error code 34200” when he tried to leave the community.

I’ve also asked for more info regarding the circumstances surrounding the 319045 error… will report back if (or when) I have more info.


Update on the Invite issue:
When I enter the menus and a friend shows 0(xxx)Unknown, I still cannot Invite or request Invite. However, if I whisper a request for an Invite, my friend can then Invite me. Quickjoin sometimes shows up as well, but it is not consistent.


Araxom. I really have to wonder if ANYONE on blizzard side is actually playing this game ?

I have like 50 active friends in my friendlist. Europe. ALL OF THEM have this problems. They are still not fixxed since like 3 weeks now ? If anybody on blizzard side would play this game you would actually see what is the problem.

  • public channels still down / 0 ppl in
  • clan channel offline / o ppl in clan (but ofc they are online)
  • invite issues bcoz season players are shown as nonseason players (but they are clearly in season, but the game says they are nonseason). this causes major issues playing the game. it takes several minutes, log out, log in, log on season, log on nonseason, before a group is formed somehow. OMG.
  • when i stay longer online, my status changes … one time its season, one time nonseason.

is anybody actually playing this game from you support guys ? again : ALL ON MY FRIENDLIST HAVE THIS PROBLEM.

How can you not know about this ? impossible.

Mod edit: @Baikan bugs like these can often be difficult for us to track the origin of. Although your frustration is understandable, the rhetorical question is not going to be offering a constructive path for helping to get this resolved any quicker. Please rest assured our teams are working as hard and as fast as they can to have these issues resolved. Thanks for keeping the thread on track, I appreciate it!


Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top…

Can you make this thread into a sticky and/or move it to General Discussion so more people might find it before creating new threads?

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Any ETA on when these problems will be fixed? My friend’s list is getting smaller by the day. Others that were already playing a different (similar) game are laughing at me for staying in the D3 community when all of the other Blizzard games are operating without error except for D3. I love D3 but these bugs need to get fixed. We are at something like 3 weeks now and they still persist.


Lets see…

  1. Party invites messing up still. Says the person declines…
  2. Clan chat, Party chats still messing up…
  3. Friends list is still showing people as 0 level and unknown. Also shows they are in non-seasons but they are in season…

Who knows what else…heh


Just adding my 2 cents - seasonal/non-seasonal - for me (and behavior is same for friends in game), friends who were online before me, (I have not yet determined length of time needed for them to change to non-seasonal) show up to me as non-seasonal. If they exit and rejoin game within a few minutes of me coming online they will show as their normal seasonal. I’m looking at friends list right now of 8 friends showing non-seasonal and I know they are playing their seasonal characters. A friend showing as non-seasonal to me because he was online before me will have others who were online before him show as non-seasonal. This trickles down. I see 8 non-seasonal, other may see 6, another 4, etc - the longer they’ve been online the fewer non-seasonals they see, just depends on time between when they came into game.


I’m still experiencing the glitch where you can’t start games and can’t see character models. I can start games with 3 people but once I try to invite the 4th I can’t start private games. This is a big problem, it makes private games unplayable, please fix all bugs asap!


So many of my friends have given up this season. The constant struggle to get into games has lead them to be frustrated and lose enjoyment of the game. I hope that Blizzard fixes this so my regulars come back and play with me.


Another week has passed without any fixes to D3. No blue comments for a week. Is this what they call communicating with the community? If so, it sounds awfully close to them giving us the middle finger…

Mod Edit: I apologize for the delayed response. Please keep the chat civil though, much appreciated!


The faults have now been outstanding for an entire month.
Any chance of a status update please?


unable to accept an invite to a game is one of the most annoying. How many more weeks do we have to wait before this is fixed?


What I find annoying is that I actually enjoy DIII however, if it was WOW this crap would have been sorted in an hour at best. So come on Blizz sort it out!!! People should not have to relogin repeatedly just to accept or join a party!