Repeated Invite bug? Possibly destroys items?

I started receiving repeated invites from someone this season, and whenever I accept, I get error 316707 (Could not accept the party invite because it was removed or canceled.)

The user wasn’t sending invites anymore, but they kept coming, even when blocked. This was clearly a bug. I assume it will stop when the game is restarted.

However, after I finished farming up an item (spent my last veiled crystals), I accepted one last time, and the item, which was now in my main weapon slot… disappeared.

So this bug is more than annoying, it potentially negates a loot drop in poor circumstances. ( I cannot replicate the item deletion property, and I don’t really… want to. So I’m restarting. )

It’s hard to know what is your real bug…

Put the person on ignore. It will end.

I know the bug. I mean, it happened to me numerous times.
It usually goes like this:

Someone in global chat asks for teaming up.
I send invite.
I can see the person “loading” to my game (there’s the avatar and the “progress dots” underneath it).
After a minute it’s still loading, loading, loading.
I’m trying to cancel the invitation with an “x” button on the avatar - nothing happens.
I just keep playing, and after some time the person whispers “why you keep spamming the invites?” - while I clearly do not.

The only way to get rid of this “loading” person and “invites spamming” is for me to log out and log in again. Sometimes it may also require that other person to do the same.

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