Rend Wastes Barbarian BiS (gear check)

I’m playing Seasonal character and i just found the Slanderer + Little Rogue weapon set so my build is now this…

Sorry but the d3planner link can’t be inserted in here, so I write the numbers which are 300434081.
I hope you can check my build.

On previous seasons I was playing with Bul-Kathos set swords and Furry was unlimited, so I could whirlwind all the time.

Can you please tell me how to keep my Furry up while using the Slanderer + Little Rogue set?
Furry is always 0 and I can’t use any of my primary skills !!!

WW rune needs to be windshear. Stomp and hit wrath right before you go into enemies then hit battle rage after your ww is up.

Windshear rune is already selected.
I will try what you suggested, thanks.

Another thing, can you suggest what stats should I reroll to ancients/primal items that I haven’t already rerolled?

Literally everything you ever wanted to know about this build, runes, abilities, gearing, stat priority, affixes, passives, weapon choices, and a whole lot more can be found in the stickied guide at the top of the forum…

As for providing links…

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If you’re using the Istvan’s swords for pushing, but have a pair of BK mighty weapons still available, there’s also a good tip for starting a GR. Equip your BKs, with the Istvan’s in your Inventory. Go to the Obelisk in town, and select the level of GR you want to run. Your fury will be at max level due to having the BKs equipped. Quickly swap to the Istvan’s, then open the GR. You’ll start the GR with full fury so that you can immediately get Wrath of the Berserker and Battle Rage up, followed by a Stomp to get your protection from Band of Might active, all before you even hit a mob.


The first post (last edited in April 2020) in the linked thread does not have information about the fourth cube slot for season 22 that results in changes to the build. That information is in the thread but since that thread has 2,500+ posts, it is hard to find.

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Thank goodness there’s a handy search feature then :blush:

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For the D3 blizzard forum, you need to know the precise search terms that are specific enough not to result in too many irrelevant posts but not too specific that misses the posts that have the most relevant information.

For example searching the entire forum with “season 22 rend”, you get 44 hits. The one in the rend guide goes to a description of the gear someone used for their seasonal leaderboard clear but does not answer the questions from this thread’s creator.

Alternatively, has the season 22 info.

I just found that hilarious. Laugh out loud funny. Sorry.

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Or you can narrow your search significantly by checking the ‘Search this topic’ button when doing a search within the Rend Guide? :woman_shrugging:


You are correct. That would help narrow your search, especially after learning the thread that has the relevant information. There are still 18 hits in that thread using the the search term “Season 22”. The majority are not helpful to the questions asked.

Also, you may notice that the original poster has only made and read a few posts on the forum to date. As you gain more hands on experience, you become more knowledgeable about how to search efficiently the forum. I am glad that you let others know.

My video Rend 132 gr - Diablo III Rend barbarian 132 GR (Patch 2.6.10) - YouTube

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Or you could allow this to be… A forum.

It is. Directing someone to use the search function and defer to sticky threads doesn’t take away from that one bit. In fact, it aligns with the CoC.

Morgan is right.

As Shadowdragon pointed out, not everyone knows the search function or can find specific what they search. For a forum like this, where you don’t even got a post every day, there is nothing wrong asking for help instead of being met with “buuh, go search”.

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That’s a non argument. You could just as well say, “There’s nothing wrong with pointing someone to the search function/stickied guides.” And the stickies are the first thing most folk see when they open the Barb forum. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with making a new thread and asking for help, but there’s also nothing wrong with directing those new posters to basic forum features.

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Do enlighten me what a forum is and where in the rules states, that someone is not allowed to ask questions?
There is a difference in telling people “go use the search function!” and to link to it, providing help. We have discussed this on the old forum and I won’t go further with this.
Since this forum has very little activity compared to before, when more played, there is nothing wrong asking as Op did.
This is something you do quite often here, on this section. Telling people go read somewhere. I could understand the dictation, if it was cluttered with a lot of daily posts, but it isn’t the case.
Let people ask, refer to a post if needed. Otherwise help and debate.

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Nowhere does it say that asking questions is not allowed. However, you’ll also find stickied threads like… Welcome! Please Read …which says that you should search to see if what you’re about to ask has already been answered.

The search function at the top of the community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, we recommend using search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the information you seek. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming.

You’ll notice that in my initial response, I provided a link to the guide, instructions for how to post links into the forums, and a tip about starting GRs with full fury, which is important for WW/Rend so you start with mitigation and buffs.

Is this considered unhelpful?


Yeah, well, as Meteor, Morgan, and I pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with either approach, and using the search function/stickies is encouraged in the CoC. It’s not about whether someone is or is not allowed to ask. You seem to have a problem with folks directing others to the search/stickies for answers to obvious questions when, you know, you shouldn’t. :man_shrugging:

I think that this implies that the information about Season 22 BiS and gear rolls is easy to find on this forum. I was expecting someone to have already linked the relevant forum post(s) that describe the BiS gear/roll choices for ww/rend that are specific to Season 22. I am pretty well-versed in finding information on the diablo 3 forums but I admit that I have struggled to find this information specifically.

Someone please feel free to link posts that they were able to find to address Season 22 BiS/rolls for ww/rend. Since the PTR started on October 1, 2020, I assume that the relevant post(s) were either created or edited after that date.

Non-season is easy. Season 20 is easy. Season 22 is more difficult. I found a post from Chris where he talks about the “top 3” season 22 ww/rend builds but it turns out the merits/relative strength is subject to later debate.

There is:
Diablo 3 Season 22 Waste WW Rend Barbarian Guide -

My response was more in the spirit of making searches easier to navigate. If you have a general idea of where you might find the information you’re looking for, you can save yourself a bit of time by searching the topic directly, rather than potentially wading through dozens of unrelated posts. If the information about what to put in my Rend build’s fourth cube slot is likely to be anywhere in the forum, it’d probably be in the big Rend guide. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, but I hope that makes sense :blush:

Assuming I haven’t made a muddle of the links (do I ever wish I was at my PC right now!) I managed to find a few different posts from a few different people talking about possible fourth cube slot items, searching within the Rend guide using the terms ‘fourth cube’, ‘fourth slot’, and ‘season 22’. Some of them have to be read in context of prior/subsequent messages though. Hope that helps.

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