Removed the wrong Hellfire Ring Plan

You removed the Hellfire Ring Design Plan, that cost 5 Million instead of the one that cost 2 million. Please double check & correct this.

Pay more attention to what you are clicking. Theres a reason lvl 60 HF ring need to stay, it can co equip with lvl 70. Dont blame your own mistake and stupidity on the game.

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There are some requirements for lvl 70 plan to be available, I think you need to be lvl 70 and might be some other requirements also like torment lvl.
Level 60 HF ring is not very straight-forward to create → to me it sounds quite stupid to call other people stupid for wondering why there’s the plan. (I guess you need to have lvl 60-69 game to get ingredients, I have never tested)

Level 60 HF ring is still available for the few players who only have the base version of the game. Level 70 HF ring is only available for level 70 players, and only on T1 or higher.

How the OP doesn’t know this at P8000 is beyond me.


This is when I auto aware Troll post.

Why OP uses dumb thoughts like this one is beyond me.