Remove the dialogue with Ursha after each great portal

Every time you have to close the repeating text window before you start improving the stones

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Just slap space the moment it comes up or click urshi a second time (double click). It’s so automatic for me now I’m not even sure what I do without opening up D3 to check.

But point taken; once you’ve heard it a thousand times you don’t need to hear it again. :+1:


Actually, I share the sentiment, but toward all those extra dialogs nobody ever needs to hear more than once. Literally…every…time we start a new season, I have to hear about Nephalem Rifts, Corvian Hunters, and a bunch of other lore we all got sick of years ago. It’s just unnecessary. At least give us an option to shut it off!

Oh, and that goes double for Guardian Facade and Signet Ring of the Blizzard. I think those are console-only items, but still… You only need to see those a few times before it gets annoying.

Personally, I’d love a “spend all charges on X gem” feature. Let them say not a single word about “automation” and such things, because we already have a batch-craft option that can spit out crafted items 10 at a time. Same thing with combining standard gems. If I were able to click a toggle on one or more gems, then click “distribute all charges” when it comes time to speak with Urshi again, and have the charges automatically spent (all on one, if only one is toggled, or randomly distributed across multiple toggles), then that would make at least one section of the game a little less tedious.

Game’s practically just one never-ending GR with breaks between as it is; with the emphasis placed on efficiently running rifts as fast as possible, I think it’s not such a bad QoL change.

For Urshi’s dialog though…I just reach up and hit Esc every time I enter a rift (to shut Orek up) and every time I open the window with Urshi. Hey…at least you’re not on console: On PS4, upon entering a rift, if you close the dialog box with Orek, whatever button you used to do that is literally disabled for a good 5-10s. Perfect for those ambush rifts where there are literally two elite packs right at the entrance. What a perfect time to have my Teleport just stop working altogether.

…yes, there are things that could be improved.

I fully agree. In seasons, the dialogue for repetitive events should display once per character. 2 of the most annoying examples to me are Zoltun Kul commenting every time I craft or reroll in the cube. Wish we could just kill him again.
Also Kadala commenting every 3 seconds while gambling bloodshards.


Why seasons? Can be perma all modes.

Just popping back in to let you know youcan set the voice audio level to zero. No more Zoltun, Kadala, or Kormac while you still get ambient sounds like goblins and other battle type noises and the music should you so desire.

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Thank you Zurtle! I’ll be doing that from now on.