Refund D2R on PS4?

Hello there, does anyone know how i can get a refund for a D2R preorder on PS4 ?
I post message here because for unknown reason the forum doesn’t find me as a D2R owner so i can’t post on the proper forum.

Thanks for you help guys !

You would need to discuss that with the vendor you bought it from. They would be the one to issue a refund.

I would start with the Playstation store.

Because the forum software looks for Battlenet account flags to issue posting access. If you don’t have a D2R PC license you can’t post on the D2R forums.

Ok that’s clear, i will try with Playstation, thanks for answer :slight_smile:

For the forum, i get it, i know i didn’t buy directly on Bnet, but since i linked my Blizzard account allowing me to play the Beta and create D2R characters on Bnet, i was thinking that maybe… With luck the forum could understand that i was a D2R owner haha

they only refund once, tho.

i refunded final fight in 2010 because it was an online-only single-player game.

they told me it was a one-time-only exception.

and it was, tried to refund several games for the same reason, and i had to keep them because that stupid policy.

But this is a preorder. They have to refund preorders because you haven’t actually bought anything yet.

actually, nope.

they denied my overwatch preorder refund because it included a black widow costume i actually never got. as soon as a digital something (costumes, items, currency) is added to your library there’s no refund.

furthermore if you own any D3 version on consoles, the barbarian transmog i still don’t get is added to the account, thus, refunding D2R on console is impossible (or so they say)

my refound wasn’t posible because i refunded a game ten years ago and that’s only one refund per account. or so they say.

it violates the end user agreement, tho. but if you start a class suit you lose your account and all the content related, and im not losing those digital games that only exist in my account. like marvel superheroes, or the marvel alliance. or the flashback remake.

they aren’t playable if you don’t own them on a digital account now. they don’t exist outside stores and they aren’t sold anymore.