Reforging issue with game


I feel I ought to point out that so is Justice.


anyway am done with the scrubs on to work you all take care now


I’m getting a headache trying to decipher OP posts…


its very simple words that a child can understand, am done with scrubs that think they so called perfect but yet they are clueless, and talking out from there ……… I just put it in a text that you can understand


This is why we should have the downvote button.


down vote up vote what ever vote the truth is the truth and that the fact


I just report for trolling now since its easier then before.


lol report all you want just face fact and the only troll what I can see is from you fake one, what really funny this scrub I just look up has all the so called gear but zero ancients must be a carry lol


Where’s the video dude?


all in good time son, just stay tune


Doubtful there will ever be a video, he seems to just be :poop:posting to get his post count up on a new forum.


Ok, it’s getting pretty clear that the OP is not having an actual issue but is simply enjoying having the first troll-thread on the new forum.
Can someone lock it now please?


Weren’t you supposed to go to work?


speaking of the trolls that have zero ancients lol


Make you a deal.

You link the video of your Reforging taking more than 50 Souls.

I’ll link my fully Ancient-geared Rapid Fire Seasonal DH on the Xbox.

Off-topic Rage Against The Forum: Why does the system automatically remove full quotes?


lol you guys slay me what I see is a lot of bla bla but not enough sucking up X-box PC I don’t give a >>>>>> it is what it is


Why would I suck up to you?

I mean, at this point it’s obvious you’re just flat out lying, or you’d have posted proof by now.


Hmm yes. An out of the blue chance that only one person is having this issue and we will all have to just suck it up and take your word for it. Seems about right. I’m sure this is how the world works. You do learn something new everyday.

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I recommend taking the advice MissCheetah posted:

As this is not the appropriate forum for this conversation and you’ve been provided the proper context and instructions on where to direct your bug report, I’ll be closing this thread.