Receiving disconnect and error while doing bounties

Being that I am posting this in Eastern, I will use my local time to address these issues. I got home from work around 1930, At approximately 2000 I logged into my seasonal barbarian and tried to gather Bounty items to craft some gear. I would be in the bounties of Act 3, Act 2, and Act 4 when the game would lag. My character could move but not interact with the environment. I checked my internet connection and my drivers. Drivers are up to date and the Internet connection has not been interrupted or connection lagged. I have logged back into the game several times, roughly 2200 and again at 0130. The issue has persisted and as far I can tell not on my end.

I have received the message of disconnected from the server and an error message that I forgot to write down.

My girlfriend is playing WoW and having the same problems with disconnects in that game as well.