Reaching H3 as $5 player

I have been playing this game for a month now, since its release on June 1st. I have only spent $5 on the battle pass, so I only have some low level 1 star/2 stars gems.

Currently I have 2011 Combat Rating, which allows me to farm H3 overworld slowly. My current Paragon is the same as server paragon level 64, which is still 8 days ahead of the official H3 era. By then, I probably will have 2100 Combat Rating.

I play roughly 4 hours a day, with most time spending on defending the vault as immortal so that I can have top pick on vault legendaries.

In my past post, my stance is that, if you care a lot about pvp or leaderboard or competing with others, free to play is not an option and you must swipe credit card. If you don’t care about competition, most content in this game is free to enjoy.

My stance remains today and we can evaluate again when we about to enter H4 era.

After all, I am just one player and I am trying to give a fair evaluation on this game.


I’d add binge players (play 5+h/day) and speedsters (clear all content in 3d) to that condition.

Congrats on CR of 2000+. You’re ready to take on the new Heliquery boss introduced yesterday.

There seems to be many paths one can follow to gain power. Not just running Rifts and swiping credit cards. (I’d love to know the CR of those QQ streamers)

One last thing. Post pic or it didn’t happen.
This forum is not good for posting evidence of your progression. Put link in quotes.

I did Vitaath on first day, earning chest of glory(meaning top 3 DPS).

I don’t bother to prove anything. Whoever doesn’t believe won’t care anyway.

Up to this point, there is no paywall blocking anything if you play 5-6 hours a day. Even I can start to farm H3 slowly 8 days ahead of schedule.

You can’t compete with others as free player (most noticable in PVP).

I am just trying to provide unbiased judgement.


A 5$ spender is basically one of us…F2P’er. There is nothing unbelievable on the 2100 CR of OP.
I have 1410 CR but i am not a very good player at that.

Congrats on your CR and H3 farming.

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Apologies if I sounded demanding of proof. Your statement does sound legit, I just have a habit of questioning things.

I’d also like to see your build (gem levels, gear levels, etc) for personal reasons.

Again, congrats on the CR.

:beer: here’s to hoping Blizzard gets their wish of turning you into a $10 player next month-season. (But that requires stuff on their part, not yours)

Game on.

Shouldn’t season 1 end around now? been almost 1 month now since release.

*Edit, did a google search and got July 7th as result for end date of season 1.

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Gratz on the +2K Combat Rating. I agree with your assessment … been playing the same way … except from the Shadows side of things (immortals vault legs disadvantage)

My CR is +1800 atm but need to farm more legs and mats to burn on upgrading equipment to get to 2k. I’m assuming your road to +2K CR was getting a lot of 3x3 stat pieces and leveled main gear to +9 and secondary gear to +5.

Gotta love the server XP limit … I always seem to hit it or pass it by the end of the day’s run.

I am P62/1641 CR/240 res: at your ratings i would guess that you got carried by whales at some point so maybe you didn’t pay much money but some one more than likely did for your benefit…but hey, maybe you fluked out. i know i haven’t. all i know is that after 30 odd hours of grinding, i didn’t receive a single upgrade so i quit and went back to d2r instead. i have played fairer korean f2ps than this and that is just insane tbh.

Hahahaha haaaaa so good.

Yep that’s me. Although I leaderboard on console, which is a considerably less competitive environment. But I like to know that I can go and top a set leaderboard based on nothing but my own skill, luck, and knowledge of the game, and I’ve done it a few times (although it’s usually short lived).

When it comes to PvP, I’ve been competitive at many RTS games, as well as a few MOBA games. So again, D:I PvP is also a joke for me.

The thing is, whenever I point out the issues that affect players like me, some casual players act like I’m trying to invalidate their fun, or even try to tell me how I should or should not play the game. If you’re having fun with D:I, that’s great. I suspect that none of the issues people complain about (such as pay2win and daily caps) would ruin your fun if they were fixed though, so what’s the problem? The complainers don’t want you to stop having fun, they want customers, like you, to be treated better.

I was stuck at 1630 CR for a week(which probably caused me the spot in first rite of exile because so many people have higher CR than me in my clan), then suddenly I got 3 triple big stat gears, and smaller improvement on other gears. I played a lot with whales, but I won’t say I was carried because I met the criteria for H2.

There are some other normal improvement, for example, you can get +30 CR from Vitaath, some CR improvement through Helliquary, some CR from upgrading gear, etc.

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I call MASSIVE bullsht on the 2011 CR as a P64 with $5 spent.

For reference, I am P72 and $200 spent (with 2 awakened gems) and I have 2050 CR with all of my gear being lvl 10 upgrade and 80% of them being 3 stat legendries.

Post a link/a picture to your toon if not shut it. (in before "I don’t have to prove anything to anyone)

Game is dying by the min and this whole “oh well F2P can compete TOO” none sense is never going to fool anyone.

pretty sure it isnt, due to caps and diminishing returns. but hey, nice try whale. whale is starving, need more plankton?


Even if I show a screenshot, you won’t believe it.

I have 3 lvl4 1-star gems, 2 lvl3 2-stars gem, 1 lvl2 2-stars gem.


Embedding that for you, StarRayquaza…


Can we all at least agree that $5 spent, by definition, is not F2P?!
Pretending it is, is just a slippery slope.

And no, I am not saying people wouldn’t be able to reach the same CR without the $5. That is not the point.

And let’s not pretend paying $5 for a battlepass is really P2W either since the BP doesn’t give you the extreme advantages much of the other purchases do.


So that is what Vitaath is. I had not looked it up.

Congrats on getting the in-game achievements you want, esp without paying the big bucks.

I hit Paragon 40ish I think yesterday. Taking it super casual as normal. Farming H1, leveling alts, etc. I DID finally spend $5 on the Battlepass so that I could get the cosmetics. I did that only after I had hit the 40 cap on it - that way I KNEW for a fact that I instantly got the rewards and did not have to worry about it if I take a break for days at a time.

As a casual I am having a lot of fun. It scratches that itch for mass monster slaying and I enjoy that there are several different activities each day (Sanctum, Bounties, Bestiary, blue quests, a rift or two, a dungeon or two). They need to remove the requirement for a group in H1 from dungeons and lairs though. I need to be able to do those solo. I don’t do group content.

For anyone who wants to compete though, the game is not going to allow that without way too much real money. Which just sucks, because the game is actually a good game until the P2W kicks in at the higher levels (PvP, ladders, etc.).


Blessed are the simpleminded that see the world in just binary (black and white). They refuse to accept that there is no such thing but a continuum of grayscale.
5$ is nothing compared with the real P2W that have thrown 10 000 or even 40 000$ in the purchase of power in DI.
In the real world a guy (StarRaquaza) that spent 5$ is for all effects and purposes a F2P player.
Also: a real F2P player (following the Procustian definition of Shadout) that farms with a warband of 7 Megawhales is nothing but a whale in disguise.
The difference is not between somebody that spent 0 and another that spent 2 Cent, but between somebody that spends 1$ and another that spends 50 000$.
P.S. Somebody can do a calculation and give us a number for the extra-CR that gievs 5$? I guess with 5$ somebody can buy at most…10 CR which is ridiculous.


Translation to simple english please? Not everyone here is a native english speaker