Ray of Frost is ignored. Raise "Light of Grace"

Ray of Frost is a beautiful and iconic sorcerer ability. But for many years it has not been involved anywhere. A couple of years ago, it played a role in Typhon set as an amplifier, but was also removed from there. The ability is interesting, but not used anywhere and has no damage.

At the same time, we have the Light of Grace source, which is supposed to work with this ability, but in reality does not give it almost anything. “Ray of Frost now pierces.” So what? We spend an entire slot for the ability to simply become a copy of Disintegrate. It’s weak and laughable. In addition, these two abilities, on the contrary, should be strived to be made more different.

Here’s what I propose:
Ray of Frost gains the effect of all runes. Sleet Storm (which is not a beam, but a whirlwind) is applied to the enemy. Damage increased by 300%

It will not become some too strong artifact. There is nothing super-strong in the runes of the ability - it slows down enemies, increases cold damage by 15% and hits the area. There is no reason why you can’t use all the runes at the same time.

And yes, we do not have any set under which we could actively use this ability. It will still be left out and can only be used in a fan-lod-build. But at least it will be an option when leveling a new character, perhaps when doing dungeon sets. There’s no reason not to give some love to this forgotten ability and artifact.


I love Ray of Frost. It’s my go to leveling skill until Arcane beam but still use RoF on single targets. I hope Blizz reads your post.


I love this!

Just crank up that Damage Multiplier to 800% to be more competitive with other multipliers.


I would very much love it if the devs added Ray of Frost to Delsere’s as well. Together with this Light of Grace change it would be a really cool Ray of Frost build!

As well, tying Disintegrate to Firebird’s only to use it as an ignite spreader and filler was so disappointing, especially after they specifically only added Arcane Torrent to Delsere’s.

We need cool builds where stuff like Ray of Frost and Disintegrate are the main damage dealers, not proc-fishing fillers, and adding them to Delsere’s would be amazing!


A million times this.

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Hm, that might work. Still, I would do a little more than that:

Ray of Frost now pierces, gains the effect of all runes and deals 400-500% increased damage. Sleet Storm also swirls at the tip of your beam and has a chance to drag enemies inside.

Too much. Ain’t you gonna become fat?
Also you say that the ray pierces, so where must the Storm appear? In my version it appears in the end of the beam. In your version there is no such end.

In such cases, the precedent already exists with Old Etched Sigil, it would cast Black Hole at your cursor location if you were using thinks like Disintegrate, not at the tip of the beam. Which is perfectly fine.

I think this would be the same here. I’d be fine with the pulling effect as well but instead, I’d like it more if it did some sort target weakening to help with single targets like bosses and leave the pulling effect to the updated Velvet Camaral I posted in the Eleectrocute thread:

Velvet Camaral (which wouldn’t be an Electrocute item since those effects would be rolled into Myken’s):
Black Hole gains the effect of every rune, deals +XXX% increased damage, costs no arcane power, increases the range of its pull to 40 yards and ignores enemy CC resistance. Every 5 seconds, hitting an enemy with a damage dealing skill casts a Black Hole on their location (that benefits from all rune effects, damage increase and doesn’t put your black hole on your bars on cooldown).

Baseline Black Hole’s damage and pull effect should be 20 yards. Lightning rune’s increase to both radiuses should be to 30. I’d change the Absolute Zero rune to instead read “Enemies hit by Black Hole take 50% increased critical damage” or something similar for 10 seconds and up both Spellsteal rune’s effects from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Event Horizon’s enemy spell vacuum should also be upped to 30 yards.