Raise Torment Difficulty to 20

The game is too easy atm. I think we need to raise the Torment difficulty to at least 20.



T16 has been a walk in the park for years, not to mention you only do it for bounty mats and keystones anyway, making it a struggle would solve nothing.


Also more rewards/mats is good!


Personally, I’d prefer the existing difficulties to be rescaled instead.


Bee cool if you could combine a hellfire ammy with a rorg resulting in an rorg-ammy. cost a lots of uber mats. the combining would reroll the stats with a chance for ancient/primal.

If i not mistaken T16 is GR75. T20 wil be GR95 and GR95 is not really hard. We need more than T20. Preferable up to GR150.

Imagine fighting ubers at their peak.


And again, we continue the vicious circle.

T6 was too easy, T10 was too hard. Items got buffed. T10 was too easy T13 was too hard. Items got buffed. T13 was too easy then T16 was too hard. Items got more buffs. T16 is too easy…

Do we NOT see the pattern?

No more.

Rescale, get rid of about half the levels down to 9 and be done with it. Make Torment 9 equal to GR90 (which is the lowest GR for max loot drops anyway) and Torment 1 equal to GR10. Leave the Normal through Master alone.

Update the journey requirements for clearing levels for some of the chapters/tiers and be done with it.

No more changes after that. Rescale the difficulties, rescale the rewards, and done.

There is no reason to have them any higher than that. None. Save those higher levels in the GR for end game only stuff.

Game on.


But why?

What would the point be other than a bit of an XP increase (and I assume you would also want the gold/mats to increase). You already get a bunch of gold, most people don’t run out, you can’t really ask for more DBs or items to drop because that would just be a pain and later on you don’t even pick them all up anyway.

If you want more of a challenge than just zipping through then do GRs. You get 4-5 of them per normal rift.

And if it is because you don’t like GRs and only want to do normal ones, well I don’t think I have ever said this kind of thing but then just nerf your build then.

I don’t get it, the game has a harder option so why do we need this.


yes you are mistaken. Nephalem Rifts are different than their GR “recommended” equivalent. Seems very few people even know that a T16 is different than a GR75 for many reasons and literally take longer to complete.

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Oh really? How about we just remove all Torments and difficulties. Just put “normal” as standard and the final difficulty and scale the rewards to T16 by default for everyone.

People said that if we want play challenge, go to play high GR but last time i check there is no way to play difficult story mode and uber without purposely gimping your character.

The idea of people want higher difficulty outside GR because they want to fight overworld contents at their peak instead of intentionally making their character “weak” whether by not equipping X legendary and etc just to experience the challenge in the overworld contents.

How about no? There are 20 difficulty scales and this is outta hand already. I mean, at least you have to wait for a huge overall buff to Sets delivered by a patch. Most classes are either part of the meta in GR150 or can solo GR150, anything beyond that is power creep which trivializes the ongoing challenge. Since there won’t be any further leaping 2.5x-5x buffs to the Sets, I’d give up hope on a buff to Torment scales further.

This subject discussed to no end for years and you can read them at the similar threads suggested while typing the thread title. Actions spoke louder than the words along these years, where no difference has been made. If you wanna have a thread where you want more and more notifications because you’re bored, be our guest.

I can’t imagine a complain about that to be honest. Those aren’t part of usual farming cycle and completely optional, there’s no harm of adding a scale for Ubers. I can support that.

I believe developers would like to do that but I reckon there’s something else pulling them back. No matter the amount of drop rates, they can never land the right difficulty for player to progress smoothly if they create gaps between difficulties.

Let me give an example; imagine your character being able to farm T5 at the perfect pace for you until you find a huge upgrade. Now when you remove and rescale the difficulty to leave anything but Normal, Master, T3, T6, T10, T13 and T16; your T5 ease character will have to struggle farming for a longer time or has to farm a lower difficulty for less rewards. That’s a nerf to solo player progress even further whether we realize or not.

You just didn’t nerf the efficiency of such characters by rescaling and widening the difficulty gap but slow down their progress as well by doing a rescale. You can’t really trust randomization to give player a smooth sailing with huge upgrades even though the legendary items rain at high scale Torment levels. Yes, I know, at T16 it rains legendaries, but T5 does not have same base magic find value. This is why they will never try to rescale I believe.


That would be the point. The XP difference between greater rifts and normal play makes doing anything else useless for xp farming. Fully three quarters of the content in the game isn’t even worth looking at.

Run rifts to progress and begin augmenting. It would give purpose to lower level grifts. It also makes intermediate gear upgrades useful and solves the problem of people being forced into the end of the game grinding in two days.

I admit that’s a good argument for rescaling. Only counter-argument would be; making end game non-optional thus can burn the player early when they reached the T16. But that’s kind of weak and subjective; there are unlucky players who get stuck at those low difficulties for long that they have to run Greater Rifts several times.

No! How many frigging times must this be repeated?!

We need less torments, not more! The number of torment levels needs to be reduced and rescaled.


It is already unless you quit the game at level 70. People are trying to work around the atrocious itemization because Blizzard isn’t going to fix it. They probably won’t fix this either but we can hope.

Oh look, this same thread again. More doesn’t mean better. They should stick to the old MP 10 and call it a life, with MP 10 being like GR 100 or something.


That is actually correct. If look at monster health numbers at certain torment level and its GR equivalent, T16 vs GR75 for example, they are actually significantly lower in the GR. The damage dealt by monsters is also lower in GRs. If I had to guess, it is to compensate the higher density in GRs to make them “feel” equal.


Id be a fan of adding a few more torment levels. While eventually itd still get outscaled as t16 does now itd at least make things like farming bounty mats or rift keys feel a little more worthwhile.


I’ll just quote something I wrote in a similar thread from a couple of years back…


That’s not what is being asked for.