Rainbow gobin cosmic wings

Add me whiterabbit#11177 Farming Rainbow Goblin on T6. Let’s get those wings.

T6? You’ve got to be kidding. T6 is like so 5 years ago.

“Also, game difficulty does NOT affect goblin spawns. Hunt at a comfortable difficulty level (I do Torment 1).”

Some believe that hunting is most efficient at T6.

Benefit of running T1-T6 is that you can forego a 6p bonus and stack straight speed. At the end of the day, if you’re farming rainbows, clearing maps as quickly as possible is the name of the game. An R4 dash monk on T1 farms rainbow goblins faster than any other build in the game. However fast you think you can farm rainbows on T16, I guarantee you’ll farm way more rainbows goblins per hour on an R4 dash monk on T1.

Something like this: https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/TinneOnnMuin-1187/hero/79362592

Same idea for other classes. Look to see what builds people use to solo Sprinter/Speed Racer. Those are the builds you want to use to farm rainbow goblins, because they are optimized for pure speed.

Rainbow farming is quite inefficient for loot/mats/shards per hour. So why reduce your goblins/hour by farming on T16 just to get a few extra drops? Might as well net more goblins/hour farming on T1-T6.

The one thing rainbow farming is actually pretty good for (other than rainbows/hour) is pools. You get pools pretty quick while rainbow farming. I pool up by doing rainbow runs. It’s a good way to force myself to do rainbow runs on a regular basis even when I get sick of doing rainbow runs, plus it adds some additional value to my rainbow runs.

I’m up to 405 portals with no wings yet :frowning: At that point, anything you can do to increase your rainbows/hour is worth doing. And that generally means running on lower difficulties with a pure speed build.

oh my… how do you even get 405 portals? i dont even find rainbow gobs anymore, maybe 1 every 3-4 days… :sweat_smile:

Is this group still available to look for Cosmic Wings? Sorry for asking so late, I just saw this post.

  • TinLizard#1190

Got this in softcore after 7600 para


Well, rainbows are the strata. I should also say the dark hunter, is not a goblin. As far as I know goblin technology is not capable of the creation of strata weapons. The cycles of sound used for a strata weapon calculate the energy to more quickly adapt to the next steel, sometimes this is called tuneing the steel.