Raiment of a Thousand Storms (4) change idea

As is, the (4) set benefit of the set says “Dashing Strike spends 75 Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.” What I propose is a minor rework to “You may cast Dashing Strike when out of charges at a cost of 75 Spirit.” Essentially the reasons for this change are threefold:

  1. Reduce strain on the Monk’s Spirit pool while trying to manage Shenlong’s set. (medium buff)
  2. Removes the awkward space in the current version where you can have 75+ Spirit but no charges remaining so can’t cast Dashing Strike. (very minor buff)
  3. Enables synergy with Jawbreaker, which currently holds a place in LoD speedfarming kits at best. (very minor buff)

The primary benefit of this change is in the quality of life and design-space benefits. While point 1 does make the set stronger, Raiment isn’t the dominant build so a small buff doesn’t threaten current rift records or game balance.

Thoughts? Am I missing something broken about this rewording, or does it seem reasonable?

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Raiment is a garbage set. Include some DR and update the mechanics for it to be useful to people. Nobody likes dashing every 5 seconds just to keep the buff up, when you’re trying to keep up shenlong. It’s a garbage mechanic.


Compared to recent SWK, Inna and Uliana buffs, Raiment is the red-headed stepchild of the class. Granted the set has been buffed fairly recently but the mechanics are horrible. The cost of DS should not be so high and you should always be able to dash if the Spirit is available, not “also” relying on having a charge. Also the set is crazy squishy unless you have lots of paragon to dump into Vit. I don’t know how to fix Raiment so that it becomes better for lower paragon players without making the set too OP for high paragon players.

It’s wild to me to see how underpowered Raiment is compared to the first couple seasons when Raiment was hands down the best monk set for multiple balance patches. Back then it had no tanking issues by using the basic attack bracers and Crystal Fist, but it seems to have faired poorly as more passives are added to legendaries and the set is too restrictive to add them.
My thinking with this change is that QOL life changes will help low paragon players without breaking it for high. If it really needs damage reduction, perhaps throwing in the Crystal Fist passive into the set and giving that legendary a different passive that makes shenlong’s easier to manage could be appropriate. That massively buffs the top end, but perhaps it’s time to give Raiment some love again

At first it was very frustrating for me, but today, R6 / Shenlong or R5 + Crimsom is the essence of the fighting monk.
I don’t know if they saw RXT play, but that’s beautiful to see. Although the cost of DS is a “trap”, it can be managed perfectly, but I don’t die nowadays due to lack of DS.
What this build really needs is more toughness (preferably on set) and CC immunity, everything else is a matter of training.

I don’t know if it would be correct to buff the set, maybe shenlong should be buff, from 200% to ~ 350-400%.

Not only R6, but Uliana EP and LTK are far below SWK-TR.

Not exactly. This is perfectly synergistic with FD procs and Shenlong effect. With FD procs you must attack and your spirit will rise quickly, even at the cost of DS your spirit will not go down. When the negative effect of Shenlong is activated and FD not enabled you must address the other pac (or force your spirit down) while your spirit is emptied and then repeat the whole process.

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So eniac, do you think the proposed change would push the power level too hard? My instinct is that it addresses the “at first it was very frustrating” part of your post without affecting balance too much. I’m all for other buffs like shenlong as you say, but it seems easy enough to ship this along with other raw number changes.

I have not played raiment monk mutch, because i dont realy like the play style, but(and remember i am just asking) would it not make more sence if it was:
Generator & cyclon strike on the set?

Insted of Generator & dash?

With the new set, and having not played Monk for a few seasons, I thought it would be fun to play again and see how the new set worked out. Leveling was a breeze. Then I finished off my season rewards and collected my brand spanking old 6 piece starter set.

I now regret my decision, and think I should have done a crusader instead. I’m absolutely HATING this set. It is a complete mess compared to the others available, the synergies they have, and the DR layers. This has not aged well.

Seems strange to then bring another brand new set along, and not even attempt to balance the existing ones. Not sure I’ll be able to play this set for long enough to farm up the new set. Really not enjoying it at all.

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