Raekor.... Still not very good

So, because I’m a certified hoarder, and I have way to many mats lying around, I was able to slap together an all-ancient, updated weapons version of Raekor as soon as the patch hit. I made up my own thing first, then looked to maxroll to see what the people there thought.

Can I just say that it still sucks? I’m actually struggling to get a T16 done! (para is not an issue). Now, I will admit that I’m not the most skillfull player, but… yeah…

My main problem (besides squishyness and not liking the “starved for resource” playstyle) is console-specific. You really have to make your nuke (bouldertoss) count, and because aiming is way more difficult on console, I really wonder if Raekor is A tier on console.

Anybody have any ideas? I don’t see any way in which I can get to higher levels, I maxed out at GR95.

I’ve done T16 / GR75 on a fresh, seasonal Barb. Most of her gear’s non-ancient (and the rolls aren’t good), hasn’t got a decent 300th spear so using an axe as an offhand (with the spear power in cube) she doesn’t have traveller’s / compass yet, didn’t have Skular’s at the time, trapped gem at rank 15 or so, powerful at 11, no third gem. She’s squishy as hell, but the rocks destroy stuff. I think the GR75 was done at around 200 paragon or so. I totally see the issue with aiming being tougher being a real issue for the build though, as you need to be accurate with where the boulders get thrown / split.

I’ve actually got enough gear non-seasonal to build a pretty much entirely primal version of this build and I’m interested in seeing what it could do with almost 5K paragon.

I got to GR 85, and that was IT! Did you do this on console or PC? How do you aim so well?

yeah, it is a fun playstyle but it is very limited on console. I will play around with it but at some point it will be time to switch to WW if I was to stick to Barb or create a Monk.

If the issue is with aiming, playing WW/Rend at high GR is also going to be a problem as you won’t be able to aim your Ancient Spear / Rage Flip either.

Right you are. Some tactics just don’t work so well on console. I do better with H90 Frenzy (topped at 118 off season) than with WhirlRend (Topped at 115 off season) . Then again: Console has the FB Twister…

I am starting to get the hang of Raekor, but you do have to play it different than PC and aiming won’t be an issue. Freeze with Furious Charge. turn around then boulder the frozen enemies behind you. Once you get the hand of the timing it is smooth sailing. If you charge too much you will lose it and die waiting for it to stack up again, so be careful.

I got the hang of it on console. Cleared A GR120 with Raekor under 9 mins on Hardcore. I also have a lot of experience playing support with Raekor so that goes a long way. It is very squishy when WoTB falls off.

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I did similiar to Ikke before the end of last season and had 125 augs on everything that would remain the same or patch fix. Upgraded what needed once the patch came in and had a go. Its not my favorite character but was happily doing 115 quite easily. I still like Whirlwind / Rend more but added to my toons sets of gear!

That is definitely an issue. But the spears are unreal for leveling up your character at the beginning of the season if you do the challenge rift as you are guaranteed to get one of the 2 needed spears.