Raekor only for ancient spear now? Why?

Do they even care some people kinda fine tuned a raekor for none ancient spear build? Are we supposed to just change gears again? A bit frustrated but if this just keeps changing around like this then there really isn’t any point in fine tuning a build(competitive or not) since they’ll just change it again.

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Because that is what this community(barbs) wanted!!!

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yea something ridiculous. Choose a set that isn’t so constrained and community constraints it like what’s wrong with them. It’s not even a meta set why should they care.

They care because the community is who is playing the game. And besides you seem like you make a better necro then barb based on your post trend so why do you care?

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Could this be the silliest thread ever?

yea honestly it is silly. None of it make any sense and people pretend this game even has a community that isn’t casual or had quit that they believe that they’re actually the relevant majority when their probably only ones left in the forum.
Honestly not even invested at getting anything out of this just looking if people are still intelligent enough to actually reason.

Your post bud. Why post something so silly if your not invested.