Questions... on seasonal stuff

Hello Everyone,

I mostly play solo 99% of the time, only venture into public games for group bounties. In my current gear using PoJ I have cleared a 100 GR. I can speed run 90’s with no problems and under 3 mins. I have spent thousand and thousand of shards on trying to get ancient gloves, chest… no luck so far. What should I be working on?

Im not too experince with diablo 3. Can someone give me some pointers on how to work on getting upgrades. My paragon level is also like 880+.

Thanks, in advance and hope everyone is having fun.

In general, use the cube’s “Reforge” recipe is the most reliable way to get an ancient.
You have 10% chance (not 1 out of 10) of getting an ancient.
Don’t reforge ancient, you have 90% chance of turning it to normal.