Question: Self-powerlevel with Altar + Chapter gear?

Did anyone already try the following?

  1. Unlock the Altar power to remove level requirements.
  2. Complete Story chapters 2-4 on hardcore.
  3. Rebirth / Create a softcore character.
  4. Set to Torment 6, claim the mail, equip the 70 gear, level like a boss. (Equip legendaries and craft as necessary approaching 70. I also unlocked pets sharding gear.)

The point is, I want to avoid Echoing Nightmares on HC and this looks like a workaround.

I am not sure how that avoids Echoing Nightmares? I you’re trying to avoid power leveling with on echo nightmare, I’m not sure that’s even an option for someone that just staring out in season. Maybe I’m not sure what you’re asking? If you are trying to unlock the Altar on Softcore, it will not help you on HC. On HC you have to unlock the Altar again separately. Maybe provide us a little more info?

Yes. I’ve done that.

But be aware you need to have an objective uncompleted in either chapter 1 or chapter 2 in whichever game mode you are doing chapters 2-4 on. And it should be an objective that can easily be completed by a level 1 character in the other game mode.

If you actually complete chapters 1/2/3/4 in SC, you will be unable to claim the gifts in HC (they will be locked to SC where you completed them). So you complete everything in chapter 2/3/4, but leave one objective unfinished in chapter 1 or 2, that will block chapters 2/3/4 from completing, then switch to the other mode, finish that objective, and you’ll pop chapters 2/3/4 and can claim all the gifts. Just need to get your diamonds after that so you can equip the set to level.

Good options for unfinished objectives are the transmog objective in chapter 2, or leave a boss unfinished in chapter 1 (the chapter 1 bosses have no level requirement, chapter 2 bosses requires level 60, so use chapter 1 for this). Potentially also ‘Fully equip a follower’ (just leave your follower without pants or something), but then you’ll need to find a follower relic in the other mode before you can complete and claim the gifts. I think you can craft one as early as level 18 (which you’ll probably need to be in order to get gems for the altar unless you get lucky with a Gem goblin), but you’ll need enough materials to make one.


Yeah just reread the post and it seems like they think the altar is shared between HC and SC? It is not. The only thing that is shared is season journey progress (SSF SC + HC share a journey, and non-SSF SC + HC share a different journey).

At some point, you will need to do at least 1 Echoing Nightmare on HC in order to fully unlock the altar in HC. But do note that, while you need a 125 whisper gem, you do not have to get that whisper to 125 in an Echoing Nightmare.

You could just start the EN, let it time out and get a level 1-10 whisper, and then level it the normal way (if you are not aware, you can level whispers like a regular gem). Then once you get it to 125 the normal way, sacrifice it to the altar. That way you avoid needing to run a high wave EN in HC, just need to be able to clear GR124 (or possibly even a bit lower if you want to gamble on 30%/15% upgrades).


It’s HC to SC. The unusual direction :wink: To minimize effort.
To work around objectives likely causing character death.
I play builds with some automatic damage (Marauder, Bombardment) and Echoing Nightmare doesn’t seem fun to learn in HC.

Aw, thanks. Also, checked and confirmed.
Well, at least the level requirement is trivial.

Thanks, can do. The mystic transmog is the most trivial. Good point about actually completing 3 (did) and 4 (yet to) before.

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I have done it the last 2 seasons on both regular mode and SSFM. I did mine from SC to HC, but it is the same difference. With the 6 piece set and a yellow weapon, you can cruise T6 fairly easy. Nice part with HC is death is not an issue 18-65ish because of the 6 piece set toughness.

As Tinne said, make sure to save 1 objective on Chap1 or 2 to be unlocked on the mode you want the gifts.

This is the one to save. Just costs like 500 gold or so.

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Strategy isn’t really a shortcut.
The Flawless Diamond still requires a substantial amount of leveling legwork.
Depending on luck, it happens around level 25-40.
Of course it’s nice afterwards if you want to play both modes.

It’s actually faster to just create a throwaway character, kit it with basic 70 legendaries, level in minutes.

Except, you don’t have to wait that long. You can upgrade 2 Diamonds to a Flawless Diamond.

I’m not sure I followed you “around that bend”.

  • Seasonal and Solo Seasonal are separate Game Modes.
  • Hardcore Seasonal and Solo Hardcore Seasonal are separate Game Modes.
  • Hardcore Seasonal and Seasonal are separate Game Modes.

That is four two Season Journeys you can complete in one Season per Region.

  1. Seasonal and Hardcore Seasonal Journey
  2. Solo Seasonal and Solo Hardcore Seasonal Journey
  3. Hardcore Seasonal Journey
  4. Solo Hardcore Seasonal Journey

And But, all four Modes will have separate Altars that need to be unlocked.

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Actually, you are correct about all of them having separate Altars.

But, you have “only” 2 season journeys.

One for “normal” season + HC, the other one for SSF season + SSF HC. If we are talking about how many Haedrig Gifts you can get.


I only looted 1 diamond and then 1 flawless around 36.
Your info is helpful btw. That’s why I said about 25, not 30+ or whenever Flawless starts.

MadTom is correct, btw, SSC and SHC journeys are shared. Unlocks (altar, cube, mail) are not. It’s a bit arbitrary, but helps HC players with some silly objectives.

At level 18 you just need to keep hitting fast boss bounties like Z. Khulle, Magda or Azmodon. Their chests drop gems. It wont take more than a few tries to get the diamonds you need to make a flawless for the altar. You’re doing something wrong if it took you until level 36 to get some diamonds.


The special chest from boss bounties drops a bunch of gems (maybe half a dozen on average). They start dropping gems at level 18. It’ll be just normal gems at that point, so you’ll need to find 2 normal diamonds.

So once you hit level 18, do like 1-4 boss bounties (stick to ones with fast runs, e.g. Kulle/Maghda/Rakanoth) and you should end up with 2 diamonds you can upgrade to a Flawless Diamond. As long as you aren’t too unlucky, it’ll generally take <5 minutes after you hit level 18 to be able to make a Flawless Diamond.


I haven’t played Hardcore, like ever, but instead of avoiding I think you should consider going into Echoing Nightmare after hitting past GR110. The strategy of Hardcore differs from Softcore and it is usually not covered in guides you may read but if you watch streamers playing Hardcore, you’ll see that on practice.
Entering Echoing Nightmare or not is by your choice, but I think you can afford to level up the side character you used for Follower item rolls and attempt to do a run if you don’t wanna lose your main. Although meticulous, this could be an option.

First, be sure that you have a mobility skill while entering, which you will utilize to avoid meteors big time and navigate. For a Crusader, it’s Steed Charge- Endurance since monsters in Echoing Nightmares are immune to crowd control. To summarize it simply; you click Channeling Pylon first by tier 95, then Conduit by 110, and lastly Speed while Damage Pylon is being optional. Damage Pylon only to be considerate if you are greedily mistimed the activation of Conduit or lost too much damage output while trying to be defensive.

Again, if you can afford to have Archew’s Gage, it helps you against meteor damage too. This is regardless of any build you can think of. However, almost all Crusader Sets have enough space to include a supporting item at glove slot. You may need to forfeit Crimson’s Set in the regular gameplay, but by the Season theme’s unrestricted Kanai’s Cube that shouldn’t be the case.

In case you really want to skip, I think guides out there explaining the highest power benefit path in detail. This will at least give you optimized benefit while locking out of completing the Altar to its fullest.

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True. My bad. (That’s what I get for posting when I first wake up).

I’ve edited my post above. Even though Normal and Hardcore Journeys are shared, the Altars are not.

The point was: Unlocking the Altar’s Anointed Seal in Normal Mode will not give a Level 1 Hardcore Character the ability to equip Level 70 gear.

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