Question regarding ‘rend’

I have been looking at the builds on The barbarian whirlwind/rend build has rend on the skill bar. Why would I need it on the skill bar if the weapon applies it automatically? Will the automatic rend not work if I don’t have it on the skill bar? Confused….

Having rend on the bar allows you to choose a rune. If you do not put rend on the bar the ambos applied rend will only be the base rune.

As well as what Chris said, at higher difficulties, it needs to be on your ability bar because you’ll be manually applying it (in addition to Ambo’s Pride auto-applying it) because whilst auto-applied Rends do not benefit from Area Damage, manually-applied ones do.

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Its super important to pick a rune.

Thanks folks for the info! It’s great to come here and find people who clearly understand the intricacies of this game!

The help is much appreciated!

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