Question on how area damage is calculated


Here is what I’m curious about:

Area damage. 20% chance to inflict whatever percentage of area damage you have of your main damage in an area at and around the area you are aiming at alongside said main damage. Right?

I fire once, lets say I fire this time and get 1 million damage total, area damage is say 80% and that means an additional 800k damage is applied to the target and its surrounding area at the same time?

Is area damage calculated once per shot, or once per projectile? IE Multishot for example with its many projectiles.

It looks to me that its going on a lot, which makes it appear to be projectile calculated rather than shot calculated, if its supposed to go off 1 in 5 shots.

Still, if you managed to stack say 100 percent of your damage as area damage, that’s sounds like a considerable amount of damage (literally doubling your total damage) to get added to the attacks in general, especially if its per projectile.

I just am looking for some clarification on how it works relative to your use of weapon, attacks, single projectile, multiple, or other, etc.


The 800k would be applied to all other targets within 10 yards, not the base target itself.

Every individual hit with a non-zero proc coefficient will calculate separately.

And yes, it will add up to a lot. With n targets stacked up, if you hit them all with 100% area damage, you could potentially deal n times the damage to each target.

This is also why the game slows down a lot if several players have area damage in higher GRs; it is therefore recommended to remove all sources of area damage (such that it reads as 0% in details); this will then skip that part of the calculation.

For more information, see:

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Cool, thanks for the info. I play solo mostly so I usually run with a lot of area damage on my DHers. Always seemed to help their killing efficiency. But single target damage would be a pain for sure. Good thing there is a gem for that. lol

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Get a ring or belt that pulls mobs to target. Get your area damage above 200%. (It can be done) get strafe damage above 200% , 2 one hand xbows with 130% crit chance gems (best to get another 230% crit and 50% crit chance on your equipment), use sharpshooter. Hope for lady luck.

For what build? Certainly not for GoD, that would be idiotic.

I’m not sure if this was a troll/necro post but I’ll respond just in case it’s a new user without deep understanding of the game.

There are no rings or belts that do this. The only item that a Demon Hunter (or follower) can use is the Ess of Johan. But since Flavor of Time eminates, the best combination is generally to equip Squirt’s Necklace and use Flavor of Time on the follower. The jewelry slot in Kanai’s cube is better served with a Convention of Elements, Elusive Ring, or Ring of Royal Grandeur depending on the situation.

This cannot be achieved without extreme damage sacrifices (i.e. losing the GoD 6-piece bonus) since you need to use the Demon’s Hide crafted set with its 3-piece bonus of 25% area damage.

Strafe damage bonuses are irrelevant to the primaries that are generated by the GoD 4-piece bonus.

The sharpshooter buff will be reset almost constantly, resulting in a measly 4% critical hit chance; even Archery (with hand-crossbows) will provide a better benefit.


Sharpshooter does not reset to 4% It resets to your crit chance and goes back up from there. Having a high crit chance mean it goes off more often.

The strafe bonus rolls on one hand cross bows anyway so it can get to 200 on 2 pieces. Critical hit is easy to get to 525%

I disagree on Squirts but then I play HC.

Yeah, you lose out on attack speed when you go for area damage.

On this you are missing the point. Why? Strafe is not the damage dealer for GoD, your primaries are.

I guess it depends on play style.

Hungering arrow into a pack and strafe into it with momentum is like hitting them with a speed pylon buff.

Again, Strafe is not the damage dealer for GoD. In fact it deals pretty much zero damage. Why waste affixes on something that has absolutely zero benefit?

Strafe serves only as a vehicle for GoD and to generate primaries through the 4p bonus. Nothing else.

No, it does not. If you like, you can tickle monsters a little bit harder with increased strafe damage, but it remains just a tickle, not an actual hit.

I think you may want to reread the passive skill’s text. Sharpshooter provides +4% critical hit chance every second until you land a critical hit. However, since you are generally hitting over 6-10 times per second with at least 50% critical hit chance, this bonus will hardly ever increase beyond the +4%. Essentially, you can treat the passive as a +4% critical hit chance up all the time (weaker than Archery’s 5% if using hand-crossbows).

As others have noted, the main source of your damage is from your primary skills (i.e. Hungering Arrow) and not Strafe. The Strafe damage bonus found on Valla’s Bequest and K’mar’s Tenclip do not improve primaries generated from the GoD 4-piece bonus.

It is not an exaggeration to state that Strafe itself does 0.0001% of your total damage compared to Hungering Arrow; it really does many digits less in damage.

You lose a lot more than that if you have over 200% area damage. The maximal area damage that is useable with the build is 178% which involves: 50% from paragon, 20% on gloves, 20% on shoulders, 48% on weapons (24% each), and 40% on rings (20% each). While you can get another 20% on your amulet, it is far more effective to have an amulet with element, crit chance, crit damage, and a socket.

Furthermore, attack speed is nearly useless for the GoD build since the 4-piece bonus has a 9 frame internal cooldown which caps the number of primaries that can be generated. In certain cases, it’s actually better to have less attack speed to aim for a better breakpoint; but breakpoints don’t matter as much as originally theorycrafted.

Edit: I looked at your profile and you don’t seem to be using the Ninth Cirri Satchel; that is a huge source of damage and by omitting it from your build you are holding yourself back beyond 20 GR levels worth of damage. Because of this, it seems that Strafe does appreciable damage, but once you switch to using that quiver (either worn or cubed), Strafe itself will only be used for movement and to proc the GoD 4-piece bonus.


Sensible explanation.

Had to reply, since my thread got bumped. lol

I personally don’t delve into the depths of the math, but I like to have some idea of how these skills and abilities interact, which was why I asked about it to start with.

I’m finding that there is a sweet spot of having enough area damage along side your main damage. If anything, having too much of one type of damage is actually a detriment most of the time, as you have to sacrifice something else to achieve it. Then the build becomes situational rather than multipurpose.

Just my overview.

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Oh, I misunderstood that. SO, what you’re saying is that the crit goes off frequently? If that’s the case I will re-evaluate the passive. I have archery on now along with sharpshooter so it is 9%?. Profile is probably not updated.

Haven’t seen this quiver drop yet.

I cubed dawn to get the 65% cool down instead of calamity so I am making adjustments as I go.

This answer had me thinking just now:

What if I’m not actually targeting anything? I literally kill mobs off-screen so I don’t actually have a pointer ON a target. So… How would the game actually calculate a target if you aren’t actually focused on one?

Would it instead treat a target as the one hit with a projectile? And with say Mulitshot, you have lots of projectiles, and will hit multiple enemies if shooting into mobs, even from a distance so it would just calculate them all as targets individually and then apply area damage to only those grouped within 10 yards of each other?

Wow. No wonder the game might be laggy for some of you sometimes.

Hi yes, for every mob hit by a projectile, the game calculates not only the damage dealt upon it, but also area damage dealt to mobs 10 yards away from the target. Note again that this happens for every mob hit, which means that your damage (in the case of multishot) scales quadratically with density.

For more details on this mechanic there’s a guide on Maxroll.

I took this video down since it has the wrong information

Strafe does no damage itself and has zero effect on the damage output of the primaries.

You totally missed the point. Noone doubts that using Strafe with GoD deals a significant amount of damage after using a primary attack. This is because of the autocast primaries from the 4-piece bonus. These autocast primaries are buffed by the 6-piece bonus as well as other bonuses like Depth Diggers or simplicitys strength .

However, the damage of these autocast primaries is not affected by “+% damage to strafe” on your gear. This affix increases only the damage of strafe itself, which is close to zero, and therefore useless.

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Precisely. This the exact reason why for example you always roll the Strafe damage off from Valla’s, it’s utterly useless affix.

GoD is a generator set. It’s the generators that deal damage, both fired manually and autofired through the 4p bonus while using Strafe.

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