Question on Gambiling for an Invoker


I finally got all the base equipment for my invoker, and I’m wondering what the best equipment slot is to begin gambling for upgrades/ancients? I figure weapon would be the worst since there are so many possibilities of what you could get. Is there a particular armor slot that is best to start with?


If it wasn’t a thorns build I would go for hands because it’s fairly easy to get something with good crit and crit damage stats, but since you don’t want either stat for thorns I think you can start anywhere. -Good luck at Kadala’s



She’s been fairly nice to me so far, but I know the stuff is going to be few and far in between.


I’d say Chest, Belt and Shield. Ancient gives up to 9500 thorns on those. Ammy does as well, but not a good use of shards unless you had nothing else to gamble on.


I find myself having an excess of blood shards so I just gamble on whatever i need to complete a certain build i’m trying to complete.


The reason why the weapon is probably the worst for Thorns Invoker is because in that build the weapon damage is irrelevant and generally you want to roll it off into Attack Speed, Life on Hit or Cooldown reduction.

The issue with weapons is that if your trying to roll off the +weapon damage it will most of the time only give you +weapon damage options (when Diablo 3 launched the opposite was the issue so they changed it). You can easily spend billions trying to get a good roll from +weapon damage.


Since weapon damage, damage % and critical hit have no effect on punish damage in the invoker set, just buy a dagger from the smith and look for 7% attack speed increase, CDR, vitality and resistance to all. With Kadala, the armor slots are all about equal. Just remember, only about 1 in 10 to 20 items will be a legendary of any type and there are lots of different gloves for Crusaders and 5 other character types as well as lots of generic gloves, etc. You have to farm, upgrade and use Kadala.