Question on Demon Hunter Multishot Build

I haven’t been playing that long, and I am confused on a build that I saw that has 3 sets equipped. The question I have is the use of the ring of the royal grandeur. Unhallowed set 5/6 set pieces, Bastions of Will 2/2 set, plus Captain Crimson’s Trimmings 2/2 set. How does Kanai’s Cube work to use ring of the royal grandeur? I am sort of new, been reading, and placed the correct legendary powers in the slots, but what’s next?

In your case, once the RoRG cubed, Unhallowed set got the 6 pieces bonus, Bastions of Will set don’t change and the Captain Crimson’s got the 3 pieces bonus.

RoRG works for every sets equipped on your DH.

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Thank you Strix! This definitely makes my head a lot less stressful lol,

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