Question for Miss Cheetah

I check the Diablo 3 forums on the Blizzard website once in a blue moon; i think the last time was during November. I came back to browse and noticed the Miss Cheetah person is still employed by the team. I just had a question:

Werent you the one who made all of those posts saying Blizzard was dying / bad product commments when Diablo Immortal was announced? I was just curious because Im kind of shocked to see someone behave that way when they are representing their respective company. I’ve worked at the same business since i was 18 (so 15 years now), and I would be put up for termination if i left comments slandering our brand.

Anyway nothing against you, I’m more just shocked then anything. I don’t particularly like Immortal myself, but it’s just weird to see someone official say stuff like that. I thought someone mentioned a long time ago that she / he doesn’t get paid by them or something, but that wouldn’t matter if you are a speaking voice for the business in any form.

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So was everyone who realized bliz announced a mobile diablo game.


She does not work for Blizzard, she does not get paid by Blizzard, she is a forum MVP only, which means she can post in green, that is it. :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: Please refrain from calling her out on the forum just so you can berate her. Considering that you do not even know what you are talking about. What did she ever do to you. :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:


You should probably stick to this.


btw. What happened to all the class specific MVPs? If they are no longer around, shouldn’t new ones be elected?

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I believe Blizzard did a quality check not long after 800+ were let go and they realized the best option is to keep the ones they have and be happy with it.

This Pokute guy is quite rude, I am so surprised they still allow him on the forums! :open_mouth:

At the risk of being accused of being a white knight, I have to say that MissCheetah is absolutely my favourite poster on the D3 forums. The restraint she shows to provocation is legendary which, if she bothers to respond in this thread, she’ll no doubt demonstrate.


Indeed you are a white knight.
I’ve seen hundreds of posts where you support each other even when you’re both wrong, tho most of the time correct.

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I guess you’ve overlooked all the times we’ve vehemently disagreed with each other too. We don’t need to agree on everything, or even close to everything, for me to like her and her attitude on the forums.


Judging by your profile it might be best if you restrict your comments to asking how to play the game instead of asking silly questions about one of the most reliable and trusted posters on this forum.


I completely agree with Miss Cheetah.

Diablo Immortal is a huge slap in the face to the entire PC community of D3 RoS.


TLDR from OP - I have no idea how the forums work or who is employed by blizzard but I feel qualified to pass judgement regardless. For a second I thought I stumbled onto a political forum where the ill informed feel the need to thrust their uneducated opinions into the world as fact.


Totally agree with this, she does have a good attitude about things like that.

No, I was not. I have never said Blizzard was dying, because that would be false. Feel free to Google my name and “Blizzard Dying”. You won’t find a single post. I tend to correct false things, not promote them.

I have never been employed by Blizzard. We get green text. You can read about the MVP program here Diablo 3 Forums

What I DID say was that I was heartbroken by the management choices to announce D:I at Blizzcon in the way that they did. It is one thing to make a mobile spin off. Ok, fine. There is an audience for that. That audience was not at Blizzcon though so that was a very poor decision to announce it there, much less to use the final slot of Opening Ceremonies to do it. That statement is my opinion, although one shared by many, and I am entitled to it. MVPs are not required to blindly praise Blizzard. We just have to follow the forum Code of Conduct and be rational. It is rational to feel upset about how Blizzcon went down last year.

So it seems, because you were wrong in both the premises you started the thread with. You created it thinking I said Blizzard was dying, and thought I was an employee, neither of which are true.

My only question is, when something is so easy to look up and prove incorrect, why even make the thread to call me out when everyone is going to check and prove you wrong?

EDIT: I miss the downvote button.


What a mood. :frowning:

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The best question to ask one’s self before posting is, “What constructive contribution does this make to the community and why do I want to express it?” If you don’t have a great answer to that question, I greatly urge you to rethink your approach and maybe step away from the keyboard for a little bit.

We don’t permit the calling out of others on these forums, for any reason, and the fact corrections that need to have been stated have already taken place, so I’m locking this down.