Question: Diablo 4 cinematic


So, in the end we see the “leader” of the adventuring party in the chamber as some form of undead and then he “morphs” into this mysterious figure that wanted to summon Lilith.

Did Blizzard enlighten us on how that figure came to be there, or is it still a mystery?

  1. Was their leader in disguise all this time manipulating them to go into this temple and unlock the doors for him with the promise of riches? He seemed very intent on the scholar to make it to the door and unlock it. He even was prepared to “sacrifice” himself by saying “Go, I’ll hold them (demons) off”, just so the other two could help the scholar to open the door.

  2. Or was this figure always invisible waiting and walking behind them all along and letting them clear the path for him, just so, he could pounce on these 4 adventurers and use them for sacrifice at the most convenient of times. (Anyone familiar with Critical Role: Campaign 2, can see the similarities here with the Obahn story arc.)

    • This scenario of course depends on the adventuring party looking for riches in the appropriate location. So, the mysterious figure probably has been leading them on with breadcrumbs to this location for a while now.

Which one is correct? Is there another explanation for this?
If no definitive answer, which do you think it is?

This is all we know for sure, it was the triune.

“There’s a lot of history buried in the sands under Kehjistan; and speaking of buried, we have these ancient Triune Cult ruins that radiate this dark power — sort of thrumming with dark energy; the triune who is responsible for helping Lilith return to Sanctuary, as you saw in our cinematic, they also worship the Prime Evils; and they are hastening their master’s return to Sanctuary.”

I believe this is likely the scenario.

Wait a second…

The Triune was defeated long ago. Their ultimate masters were 3 prime evils and leader was Mephisto’s son, who hated Lilith.
Lilith was only briefly in control of The Triune, and she only did it to destroy it from within, because she hates Hell and their masters.

So, what’s up with that?

And anyways, it doesn’t help us understand how this “Triune guy” ended up there.

The Triune is a religion/cult who worship the Prime Evils… this includes by example The Coven who was serving the will of Belial, Lord of Lies.

When a cultist or the cult itself doesn’t have a master… they try to contact one or try to summon one.

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My personal opinion the guy who led them there was the summoner the whole time. Because By 3 he needed the blood of the willing. And just has the scholar screams out he needs 2 of them he offers to hold the demons off and they give their blood to diagram in the floor.