Question about sader in non-season

so if you want to push with sader in non-season, can you still push with Norvald’s Fervor sets? i know we dont have a 4th slot for cube in non-season, so what i am asking is if we dont wear shield of fury instead of wearing Norvald’s Fervor sets, do we deal more damage ? cuz shield of fury gives totally 300% incresaed dagame for your heaven’s fury but Norvald’s Fervor sets give totally 400% increased damage. so is it better? or it’s not calculated like this or i am missing something

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You are comparing:

Shield of Fury * Furnace (4 * 1.5) = 6x


Norvald’s = 5x

Norvald set is better due to no SoF ramp up, instant power, more mobility, stronger on trash.

Norvald’s requires more player skill, the horse can be clunky.


thanks dmkt, but I am not 100% understand what you wrote, could you explain why you wrote Shield of Fury * Furnace (4 * 1.5) = 6x, what’s with the furnace and (4 * 1.5) . so for the conclusion are you saying shield of fury is better than norvald because 6x>5x?

Shield of Fury is 30% per stack up to 10 stacks. That is a 300% multiplier, in other terms it is worth 4.

Furnace is 50% to elites, worth 1.5 as AoV Heavens Fury focuses on killing elites.

While these two multipliers result in more damage versus elites, it is only occurs after you’ve hit the elite 10 times.

Norvald’s doesn’t have this ramp up, it is full power, and does better against trash. Which means more oculus spawns. Plus Norvalds lets you move from elite to elite faster.

The ovetwll power gap is not enormous, but it is there.

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ok thanks! but i am not wearing furnace tho…lol, i am wearing pick sticker…so i guess i’ll stick with Norvald’s

You, probably, don’t take in account Area Damage. Norvald’s multiplier affects AD, while SoF one doesn’t?

Area Damage is a constant, did you hear otherwise?

Sorry, my English is bad. The %AD stat is a constant. Area Damage done (when procs) depends on your damage.

Let’s assume I do 100B damage without SoF/NF and I have 90% AD.
Without SoF I do 100B damage to the main target and 90B damage to some mobs within 10 yards.
With SoF I do 400B damage to the main target and 90B damage to some mobs within 10 yards.
With NF I do 500B damage to the main target and 450B damage to some mobs within 10 yards.