Question about REND

Hey guys!

So I am running WW set with Ambo’s Pride in the Cube ( it applies REND with my WW attacks )

does that mean i do not need to use REND in one of my skill slot ? or does using REND in my skill slot apply the selected RUNE with the REND applied by my WW attacks?!

I tried to test it but im a stupid noob . any help would be appreciated!

Depends on what you’re doing with the build.

For more info and answers to ALL your questions, check the guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

face palms I appreciate your 100 pages guides i really do…

BUT! --> does the rend from ambo’s Pride apply the RUNE from the rend skill or not ? thats all i need to know… am i currently wasting a skill slot… yes or no. im not hard casting it.

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Corwin is right.

There is a nuance. The rend applied by ambo does not proc area damage. Casting rend does.


If you choose to not put Rend in a skill slot, then a rend with no rune will be applied by AP weapon. If you want a specific rune to be auto-applied , you have to put Rend - rend rune into your skill slot.