Question about mana with an Amazon

Hi Everyone.

I am playing D2: LoD with plugy. I dont play on bnet ever and am 100% solo self found. I do buy from the ingame vendors, Gheed etc., when the gear is better than what I have.

I have found I have to carry a lot of mana potions to get through a battle. Then I have to run back to town to refill the mana potions I’ve just spent fighting the last battle. Over and over and over again.

Is there a way around this? I’ve noticed there is gear that return a small portion of mana per hit or per kill, and I’ve tried a few of those. When I switch pieces of gear that return mana it makes me either really weak to where I get one shotted or weak to where I can not kill anything.

Is the potion merry go round just part of this game or is there a way around this? IIRC my bow amazon has about 140 mana, a little over 600 life. Right now it’s at around level 62 and I’m playing in Nightmare.

My main damage dealer is the Freezing skill, I forget the exact name. I also use an Act II merc and a Valkyrie. They seem to help a lot.

My goal is to make it to Hell mode and complete that level. Thanks for any help.

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i think its a myth that you should ignore energy, or some nonsense spread by people who only play certain classes and should not speak for all, the same way that only act 2 merc is viable. you are going to love rogue if you give her a chance, especially the fire one - huge shoot range, and lightning wolf is a good buddy against crowds of weaklings if you plan to be a one on one kinda guy. barb merc can seem much weaker than act 2 merc, he kind of is. but thats only because like much, much later, he suddenly matures and starts using his skills nearly all the time, stunning and bashing left and right. he has a good offensive potential. it kind of works the same for rogue, though more gradually. she will start firing more rapidly as her level progresses. cold wolf speaks for himself, very good defensive choice for melee players. and fire wolf… well, he is bugged. there is no way around that. but if you play as ranged, you can largely ignore this bug as he will stick with fire balls, blasting up everything trying to close in with somewhat efficiency. i mean, it is aoe, what more can you ask? everybody loves a little aoe damage. and it would be bad if they performed anywhere equal to sorceress. keep those guys around if any of your characters struggle clearing out crowds. if you ever use them online, or since you use plugy and probably have ladder runewords activated, give them tal-thul-ort-amn runewords on swords and shields to really boost their damage potential and fire rate. remember only to hire a new merc in normal difficulty, they are bugged in other difficulties and have worse stats.
all ranged mercs have the plus that they dont die as often, even during boss fights,
so they wont bleed your gold and you will have more to gamble with. yay!
or if your happen to get a huge bill each time from repairing equipment, yay…

here is what i have to say about energy. the one time where you can ignore energy is if you are certain you only require a little leech to sustain yourself. for someone like barbarian, most of his skills cost no more than 2 mana so it makes sense for him. for others its very expensive to perform their main offensive skills. when you play ranged, you have even more reason to invest in energy, because you wont get hit that often, and killing enemies before they reach you is better than worrying about whether they get to reach you and take a chunk out of you, but you also make that worry more relevant when you run out of mana often

another good reason to invest something in energy is it makes mana potions have a greater chance to apply double effect, the same way it works for vitality. this is also something to keep in mind if you are a warrior class (amazon) and your skills are expensive, because warriors gain less from mana potions than mages do and will need that extra mana gain during combat. though you should keep in mind that your mana gain from energy itself is also less as a warrior class than it would be for mages, so pouring too much into it is not that advisable. then again, mages skill costs can be mad (some necro golems at level 20 cost nearly 200 mana to spawn), warriors not so much even on their worst, the gain should be noticable even if its much smaller

if i dont play as a class with skills that can sustain themselves, my rule of thumb is to get energy up on 50. if my skills still drain my mana too fast at that point, i go somewhere at 70-80, and finally up to 100 if i feel relatively secure about doing that, like playing a summonancer. for your freeze amazon, i dont think it would hurt you getting up to 70-80 energy if you can manage. having a little less vitality wont hurt if you can freeze crowds more consistently. also good for fire amazons to keep the enemies locked in hit recovery

i always keep in mind that my mana continues raising on each level too, especially on a mage character, so this is something to remember in the beginning of the game. you will always run out of mana there with expensive skills and thats okay. you can pay attention to how much mana your class raises each level, and pay attention if your skill raises in mana cost too, and sum it up in your head, how often can you use this skill before running out of mana later? will you likely run out of mana faster than life during bossfights? can this also cause too many breaks back to town while clearing areas?
this is of course while you create a new character, i know this is not relevant to you right now. but its good to remember for next time

i also would not recommend relying on getting a huge mana pool through equipment. when you really think about it, its a waste of attributes on those items. i would rather spend a few points in energy instead of pouring it all into vitality, than suffer from having to wear some unique item with huge mana increase, but does little else, or keep some charm doing the same out of desperation, or having to look for enough mana per kill or leech to make it turn positive. i think your character will suffer a lot more from doing that, also like you experienced it, than the cost is putting some points into energy. so dont worry about it, whatever keeps your character lethal.
it will most likely make them avoid more deaths than contributing to it if anything. this is also coming from someone who plays nothing but hardcore. i approve of its safety and usefulness

Meditation aura? The main reason why people love the act 2 merc is because you can give him Insight, and completely forget Mana is a thing that exists. Amazon in particular gets a really good mana pool even without a single point on energy and you can more than compensate that with gear. If you aren’t playing on ladder, some mana leech rings are already enough as well.

If you’re playing on hardcore difficulty, the extra points in vit that you’re not getting because of energy could save your life.

but again that is a compromise of equipment, as insight is far from the best you can use for an act 2 merc if you choose to go with him. he also is way better at using spears, they have much better range and attack speed on him. he is a slug with polearms even if he is able to use them. having 50 points in energy is not going to compromise your survivability, the danger of that is blown way out of proportion, especially when its single player. i would say you only need to consider insight as an alternative if you feel confident you can kill everything on your own and that your merc wont get himself in trouble. it works well for summonancer and some sorc builds, also considering energy shield, but otherwise its actually doing more harm than good in comparison to what other options there are. we should not consider anything in this game to be a jack of all trades, we need to consider every class and play style and why things are not optimal for all, or how some things could be handled better.
whether your merc has less damage or is limited to act 2 merc, or whether you save 20-40 points for energy, could both lead to trouble in some cases, sure, but the benefits of safety has to be compared, and in this case, picking energy only for 4-8 levels can be a safer choice. if you picked 5 points in energy for 8 levels, for a barbarian it means 160hp has been lost, for a sorc and druid it means 80hp has been lost, for necro its 60hp. for one class it can be noticable, for another class its not much

in case of amazon, if she had to get 50 energy, thats 7 levels dedicated to energy only. thats 70hp lost. if she had to get 70 energy, that is 90 hp lost overall. the upside of that is that she can make room for more healing/rejuvenation potions and can freeze monsters more consistently. but thats also something else to consider, whether you are a ranged character, or have crowd control, and this amazon has both. i would personally compromise my health by 90 points to make that advantage as effective as possible. if you are instead a melee character who goes one on one with enemies without controlling them, then you would want as much hp as possible, but then again 90hp is not going to stop a very strong amplify cursed monster from one shotting you, but you probably dont need the mana either for whichever skill you are using. we are not really talking about raising the chances of surviving in general here with this small amount of hp, unless you are getting hit rapidly from all sides but still slowly enough to react. it becomes very circumstancial, just like running out of mana can become lethal in some circumstances. we would have to think of how often your hp is reduced to just 1-89hp, in that case the 90hp saved you, any other case you are dead either way. for ranged characters, its one of these problems that come before the other, and that has to be mana unless you are very clumsy with what you are running into… but then the question is still if 70-90 extra hp is going to safe you from that, or if the clumsiness itself is your doom

Those are good points but when I play zon, I don’t even need Insight. A couple of rings with mana leech are enough. If I do use the act 2 merc, I give him Obedience. Although I don’t rely on the merc for killing, I like to experiment with other options like an act V merc to tank things for me and apply cc

Since I have zero mana problems with zon, those 50 points on energy I’d rather put on DEX for more damage if it’s a bowzon (weak build but I like to play it sometimes), or otherwise just vit. If it’s a pvp toon, I also use dex for max block.

For a sorc, you’re gonna get a lot of regen from warmth alone, especially from all the + to skill gear you use, your 1 point in warmth is all you need. So sorc doesn’t really need insight either. But it’s really useful to have in the early hell phase.

thanks for sharing your thoughts on it in depth. though, what kind of bow skills do you have in mind when you talk about your zons? for freezing arrow, it goes up somewhere at 20 mana cost per shot, and its only going to be your weapons base physical damage with dex bonus applied on top that will strike one of the enemies to leech mana. it sounds underwhelming to me. mana per kill would definitely be useful on larger crowds, though i imagine they have to be weak not to run out of mana first before it pays off. and not every crowds are large and full of weaklings like the fallens or fetishes are. so i would still have to imagine some other type of crowds, the more buff ones like frenzytaurs could still cause trouble with mana. but there are so many factors that can play into this, i cant sit here and tell you mana leech does not work if it worked for you, though we have to assume it does not work for the op cause they mentioned trying to go that route

when i think about mana regeneration, whether its meditation or warmth, i also think of it as being most useful if the base mana makes the percentage regeneration counteract the skill costs, especially during long combat. sorcs warmth isnt that powerful unless she also uses energy shield, at least from my experience. i also used to have a summonancer with zero put into energy using meditation merc, but i would still often run out of mana even after having done several baal runs on hell, but i cant remember his exact level, somewhere mid 80. the percentage regeneration was not as powerful because the base mana was never high. this was back when i thought energy was very useless, so i fell into the trap of trying to find equipment boosting mana instead

also thinking about everything pre-hell difficulty, its very nice to select energy to make it much easier during these times. amazon with no energy on normal and nightmare is very painful to play, in the beginning you can often only shoot once or twice with any skills and then your mana is gone. i am making an amazon currently where i will go for 100 energy to see how much this will cause problems, its much higher than what i would normally go for. but in normal difficulty, this does make things a lot easier. i can shoot cold arrows many times and clear out many crowds before my mana is depleted, even then i am in no hurry to drink mana potions because the skill readies itself faster from the high base mana gaining more from the percentage mana regeneration. it makes me think of something else. leech would not help out against anything with 0% leech effectiveness, like most undead and constructions. energy would also help out in these cases, make act 2 less of a pain to go through with all its many skeleton hordes

Multishot is my main one for that build.

Are you talking about early game or hell? You definitely don’t run oom with a zon on hell. Doesn’t matter what build you’re playing, her base mana pool is ginormous. A little mana leech gives more than enough sustain.

In the beginning your mana pots fill up your mana ball instantly. Unless you’re needlessly spamming attacks you should be able to forget about mana and just potspam. Act 2 you get a 16 slot belt and the inventory problem for pots disappears.

I agree having a bit of energy on Normal can make things easier, but for me, it never made a difference.