Question about Diablo 4

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Sorry i don’t have access to Diablo 4 and i can’t post a question about the game on their forums unless it’s technical support.

I wan to know if the necromancer summons only last for a certain amount of time (durational health) or if they last until their health is gone? How many summons in total can you have if you focus completely on summoning? Also for the sorceress, can you focus your entire build on only casting meteors continuously, like a meteor focused build or do you have to have generators for mana or other spells?

Edit: Also what the Character limit of them game, as in how many characters can you have with one copy of the game?

Watch out the D4 haters will be all over you. Blizzard no longer wants any D4 comments on this forum.

The problem is you can’t discuss the game there because those who don’t own D4 can only post in the technical support and console bug report categories.

Check out this link at MaxrollGG. You should find most of the details you are looking for.

Summoner Necromancer Leveling Guide Diablo 4 - D4