Question about Blizzconline?

Seems like very possible topics for sure.

Also one more class.

Plus a couple of interviews, where they are indirectly telling us they have no idea where they are going with a lot of the content. Similar to Blizzcon 2019 :smiley:

I wonder if they are inviting some streamers over to try a demo? Or is that too much against the corona restrictions in US?

well I think pre covid work from home, that timeline works. which is why I was thinking q2-3 22’ as a release date. I don’t think they’ll drag it all the way out to end of year 22’ unless there is some unforeseen hiccup. then again, all we really have to go off of is the quarter discussion blogs. so they could be internally much farther along. with the last one saying they would have more to talk about at bliz-online. if it’s in your timeframe I’ll be ecstatic. I just don’t see it that early.

Nah. They’re going to port D4 to a First/Third-person shooter (depending on class). Because it’s only logical. All the games are doing it these days, after all. [/sarcasm]

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A separation of the forums.

Its time D:I and D4 got their own.


5 all and other blizz titles as well . Give me allllll

I hope they show us Diablo 2 Remaster. (Game is 20 years old, still active and people love it. Diablo fans would have loved this.
And more awesome updates for Diablo 4. :star_struck:

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Hey Avalon, this is a great question. Presently, we don’t have anything to share. However, over the next couple weeks the BlizzCon Website will be updated with a schedule guide of the virtual event. So, very soon you’ll be informed about what times you need to know for tuning in to get your Diablo fix.

When the time comes, I’ll share that schedule here on the community forums.


Thank you very much for the update. Keep up the hard work. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

  • I am sure you will have some great news for the Diablo community.

  • Can you answer this, will we see any of the CMs on the event?

  • I still have that dollar for PezRadar if he wants it. :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

Who says Necromancy is all bad?

Thanks @Hooley for the update. I am Jonesin’ for some info drops.


I think Blizzconline is going to be very good for the Diablo 4 community.

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Diablo I? Unless it is playable on PC, I don’t care.

Diablo 4? More info is always good, especially if it’s about the next two classes and how you plan to go about fleshing them for game play.

Diablo 3? Anything more, besides continuing seasons, would be nice. Need something diablo ON PC to tie me over till D4.

Diablo 2? Either announce that you will NEVER remaster it or tell us that you PLAN on doing it, just don’t have a realistic time of date yet.


DI can emulated so you can play it on PC. If you are looking for a PC port forget about it.

don’t expect any D2 news ever. So when it does happen you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If they tell you eventually a D2 remaster will happen you will grow ever increasing angry each year that passes with no remaster.

Blizzard worked with GoG to port D1 for play on modern Windows PC systems. That + Hellfire are available there.

Yes, it has offline single player as the base mode.

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I might be wrong, but I think they were talking about Diablo Immortal.


They can talk about D:I all they want as long as this is what I think it is.

“Speaking of which, our next update will take place during BlizzConline, rather than in blog form. We’ve read speculation about what it could be and want to ensure you that it is something chunky indeed. Without spoiling the surprise, Iet’s just say it involves a new version of the campfire scene we showed you last BlizzCon.”

This is my question, is chunky 1 or 2 classes? :shield: :bow_and_arrow:

I hope “chucky” does not imply that the sorcerer is going to be a as large as the Druid.

what else could it possibly be if not a new class?

That they’re just changing the background imagery? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that is entirely possible. heh. Ah well, I suppose the linked info does not hurt anything.

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Just let the ‘chunky’ content information at Blizzcon be zero classes :smiley:
Classes are boring information.
(I know, it obviously will be 1 class, but hopefully way more than that, otherwise, meh).

Systems. Systems all the way.


Not D1, DI. If it’s PC, then I will buy Immortal and play it. I refuse to play games on my cell phone. I got my digital copy of D1 already from GoG, no Hellfire expansion tho. I will get that later.

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i sincerely doubt they are going to be like: “hey guys the D4 major update for this once-a-year-event is… the paladin! the end. you’re welcome.”

wither its 1 class or 2, there better be more info than just declaring their existence.