QoL - Portal cooldown reset

I really don’t know where to ask for that… so goes here:

Can we have an final objective and cooldown to close Cow level portal after completion, like the Greed chamber? And as so on the Uber bosses?

Or a reset option? The process of logout and log back in is just tedious…

I know is just my issue, but would be nice to amenize the all boring grinding cycle.


That would be easy to do for the cows… there is an event inside the area so they could add a shutdown timer on completing it. As for the hellfire portals it would likely have to be made so that the portal closes 30 sec after the ubers are killed. Another way would be that the portals stay open until you finished all four. But that’s not my favorite.

Also the 30 seconds timer on normal rifts is kinda annoying. It’s okay to leave it as default but it should be possible to cancel the timer and close rifts immediately… and I would like to have an option (talk to Orek) to cancel a greater rift, least in solo games.


This would probably help with server load a bit. Imagine all the Solo GR pushers farming rifts who constantly start rifts and make new games. I’m not sure how much creating a new game affects the servers, but it seems like an unnecessary step nonetheless.

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I can hear the whining now…

“Joe Bob done did close out my Rift cause he weren’t not strong enuff and keep on gett’n keeled.”

4-person games would be more entertaining, anyway. Especially with close-bots.

Not that its not a good idea… but there may be repercussions.