QoL 1 Click Cain Identify D2:R

Instead of clicking on Cain and then clicking identify items, Cain should just identify all your items by clicking him once. And for those of you who like to keep items unidentified you should be able to toggle auto identify on and off. Half the clicks=twice the fun! Tell me what you think.


Sold! Where do I find this new fangled ‘One Click Cain’?

Sold here too QoL chnages by toggling on or off would be great.

Gation, Hopefully “1 click Cain identify” will make D2:R because it has no downside and could save players billions of tedious and wasteful clicks per year!

Purists will say it just isn’t Diablo…

Hawkeye, QoL changes like “1 click Cain identify” are what could keep the player base alive for longer. Even many purists would feel that it’s a fair trade off.

It’s a saving of .05 seconds, which is a game changer and major quality of life improvement. :roll_eyes: Without it the game will never survive another decade. If they don’t make this change players may be forced to use id scrolls when they first pick up an item. :thinking: Yet another QoL suggestion from the pros. :bowing_man:

I made the post only to point out the absurdity of what some purists will oppose.

This change should go on to the list of “Of-Course-It-Should-Be-Done!” QoL improvements to the game.

I’m just anticipating some purists being against it, since some of them seem to be against any changes to the game, no matter how innocuous they may be.

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as a filthy purist, i am okay with new options, when toggling it off is also an option. though i preferably want it off by default, for purist reasons

I’ve got not issues with the purists crowd wanting this all as options, that’s for sure. I want everyone to have the game they want, with the options they want.

I do object to some purists who don’t even want the option.

I’m also all good if the default for all these options is off.

Then where will we access his conversations?
“Stay awhile and listen!!”

Shivan,“Talk” would always be the first option from Cain and at the default setting of auto Cain ID off, “Identify items” would be the next one, then “Auto ID on”. Then if you click “Auto ID on”, when you click Cain with unidentified items in your inventory you’d hear the ID sound and they would all be identified with just that 1 click! Then your options would be “Talk” or “Auto ID off” to restore it to the default setting.

I prefer they not make little changes like this. It is a break from our auto-sequence so it will immediately feel different to veteran players. I think that is a good example of the kind of thing VV is trying hard to avoid.

Figured someone would oppose this change.

I do say this with all due civility and respect, as your post reads quite calmly and respectfully, but I really do hope VV doesn’t waste the opportunity that D2R presents to fix some of the glaring QoL holes in D2/LOD.

If D2R turns out to be nothing more than a graphics overhaul it would have been a huge and wasted opportunity.

D2/LOD will still be there for players who want to play the absolutely pure, classic, D2/LOD. QoL options that could be added to D2R are just that, options which can even be defaulted to off, so players like you don’t need to do anything to avoid them.

I, for one, however, would be disappointed if D2R was a graphics overhaul only, and indeed would laugh at the idea of spending $70 (what Blizzard wants for it here in Australia) for it too.

No matter how much you complain (which is all you do), no one, absolutely no one is going to alter the game so you can finally figure out how to open the cairn stones on your own.

No matter how much you want to bury your head in the sand (which is all you do), VV has already made some QoL improvements to D2R and could very easily make more.

Off to the ignore list for you.

Two things.
First, you being a constant complainer is a real thing and me having my head in the sand isn’t a real thing.

Second, what you think is QoL is in fact just adding or removing features to the game that you believe will make the game easier for you.

I should have had your back Hawkeye. “1 click Cain identify” would not be insignificant. Every 3 billion times legit players double click Cain it costs the life of a D2:R player and non stop suffering in that life as the human heart only beats up to 3 billion times. Finally, “1 click Cain identify” would only be an option so you could leave it toggled off if you want.

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Good idea. Developers please implement! :+1: