PvP at Risk: WSG not working

No absolutely not. Mindblast isn’t the only skill that swirls and stunlocks players. Plus, mindblast enables team pk’s to be very strategic and fun. We want mb, and we want WSG, both of which have been in the game for years.


But why not just change how the stun works in general then in pvp? I dont want aby bugs and glitches in pvp honestly. I have seen some in beta and it looks horrible.


The community has developed a meta around the game in its current state. This is a remake, therefore we want a REMAKE. Not a new game.


Then meta changes, its natural process.


They aren’t going to fundamentally change how things work. They have already stated they arent going to balance the game etc. The community has found ways to develop rulesets and strategies to effectively balance around that meta. If you don’t pvp it’s hard to explain to you the significance of this.


leave wsg str bug etc in game don’t remove, d2r looks great, keep the og gameplay tho


+1 here, would appreciate the game to be as the original is, if it was something else, it would probably matter less, but wsg is literally the master key in pvp, every characters use it, it is the actual glitch that makes the pvp balanced. Personally won’t play it if they don’t fix this.


+1 fix it pls or delete assa :smiley:


Lololol. Did you even read what you typed. Team PKs. Hahahahahaha. Hilarious.

Many of us actively Team pk to this day on diablo2. There’s a whole community of us who have been devoted to a ruleset called FPK for years. Which consists of Necro / Barb / Sin / Druid. I’m sorry that you’ve never been a part of the pvp community to understand that some of us have passion for team pvping. But, keep your negative, uninformed comments to yourself.


No one cares about your fake nostalgia for a 20y old game.

This is a modern remaster. Deal with it.


The whole idea of a remaster is predicated on nostalgia. Nice logic pal.


About as much logic as “PvP community”
You take a time machine from 2001 to arrive here with that argument.

As i said, many of us are actively playing the game today and have been for the past many years. We have full FPK 4v4 duel games every single day. This is not a matter of reminiscing about the past. lmfao.


As a player who go pvp occasionally, I can say that these bugs are actually frustrate and disappoint any one outside the “pvp community”. For me it is extremely unfair, when pala uses desync and I even don’t know what is happening. My character just randomly dies. There is no chance to feel it “feature not a bug”.
Basically, all that rules were designed with all imbalance and bugs in mind. If there are different imbalances and bugs, there just should be different rules.
You say you want mindblast… And I want slow missiles. But slow missiles is forbidden. So, mind blast could be forbidden as well.


Didn’t they say they wanted to leave the game as it is, with all the “bugs”?
WSG is a mandatory technique in PvP and it is not overpowered at all. It’s one of the features that make and break d2pvp.

If I remember correctly, it worked well in the alpha, but that was singleplayer. Some people made TCPIP to work and it worked there aswell.

Bring back WSG. You give people a finger, they want the whole hand - Fix that, add that, enigma too powerful, whatever else.

I’ve been playing this game since it came out, still playing to this day with some minor monthly breaks. There is not a single person playing this game since the announcement of d2r who should judge on how the game is supposed to be.

It was perfect to begin with.


You’re either trolling him by saying this or you honestly have no idea how the game works.

Because it isn’t just mind blast where issues will be created. There is a plethora of problems that will occur if WSG is removed.

The game will feel like garbage to play without functional WSG.

You are seriously misunderstanding the effect that missing WSG does to the game’s dynamic in pvp. We already had this happen once before in D2 legacy. They did a patching and removed WSG. Guess what? It went on for about a month before they realized it ruined the pvp for several reasons and then the balance team identified that WSG was actually important to keep in the game.

^ This is something that has already happened and the original Blizzard balance team chose to keep the WSG intact.


this, i agree wholeheartedly


My point was that they are surely ways how to remove glitch and do additional changes to how some skills work to not ruin pvp. But reality is that blizz wont do that probably.

Blizzard/VV please look into this.

yes its a glitch in origin but its effect allowed for a overall comparably balanced pvp experience with all classes. Removing WSG will improve nothing for people that dont do pvp but it is balance breaking for the many people that play this game only for pvp like myself. We will see unbreakable stunlocks pinning people down with no way to escape if this isnt fixed making certain classes massively overpowered and rendering others unviable while with wsg we have a state where every class can compete.

please fix this there is no downside to it