PvP at Risk: WSG not working

Here is a link to a playlist comparing how wsg works in d2 vs d2r.


As you can see, WSG does not work in D2r. As a result, the balance of pvp as we know it in D2 will become massively disrupted. Please fix this blizzard.

The pally in the video has 35 fhr meaning he has a 6 frame fhr.
The necro has 86 fhr, meaning he has a 6 frame fhr too.
This test is controlled for fhr frames

WSG in open beta 2 confirmed still not working

/Edit here is how pvp will look without wsg.


Agreed please look into fixing/reverting this


See, I told you. There is just a bunch of stuff wrong with weapon swap/WSG in D2r.

What you’re saying here goes hand in hand with the other thing that I had noticed here in this thread: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/beta-feedback-weapon-swap-default-skill-unbinds/40160


A week ago this change would honestly have upset me, if indeed it makes it to launch.

Now, after learning Ebugging is apparently out of the game, and god knows what else, I’ve tempered my expectations. There are going to be way more changes than I’d like I think, and I’ve given up on trying to argue them.

They can’t even get the shared stash right, in that they exclude it from Classic.

My expectations for release are very low, I’m assuming we will all need to adopt a vast new array of PvP rules and regulations, which to me is quite heartbreaking. We’ve been working for years to make PvP fun and as fair as possible given class limitations, but I do not think PvP is a high priority for them, given these changes.

I’m just bracing for release and hoping it’s not as bad as it may end up being for PvPers.
I guess we’ll adapt if we have to, we’ve done it before.


Lets do our best to be loud, and not lay down and accept it for its current state. I am optimistic that we can enact change and preserve our beloved pvp community


Yeah, lets not let the one thing that kept this game alive for 20 years be killed off. The PvE cannot compete with poe/d3 as its just running 1 specific area ad infinitum. There’s really no ‘endgame’ in PvM.

This game is DoA if the PvP isnt true to the original.


not quite a fair comparison one char is a low lvl with low lvl gear the other is a char at a higher lvl with way better gear ( fhr/fbr/frw ) and to check it completely do it with legacy graphics on

It is a fair comparison, the fhr frame were matched at 6 frames fhr for each character. Both characters were slowed with freeze so FRW wasn’t a factor.


use 2 identical chars from stats to charms, if one has a shield the other has one exactly like it. turn on legacy and do the comparison again, now you can compare as you are doing the exact same thing under the exact same circumstances where the only variable is the client as in d2r vs d2 and than we can talk :stuck_out_tongue: dont forget d2r shows more than twice the frames than d2 d2legacy does, and will look alot smoother than d2 legacy or just d2.

You can clearly see in one video the fhr animation gets reset, in the other it doesn’t. I’m not going to repeat testing for something this obvious. If you want to go ahead.


still one is running 60 frames the other 25. if you can replicate it like i suggested, than you would be right and i will support you whole heartily as i do love that little bug but for now, meeeh you showed me something

Test it and prove me wrong with footage. I would love to be wrong here, but I am not.


it is not supposed to be proving you are wrong, you came with an experiment i pointed out the flaws of your experiment and suggested you fixed it and did it again if the same thing happend again than you have proven you are right and ill accept it gladly and so will everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the videos and elicitation contexts within the videos are suitable for proving my point. I appreciate your opinion though.

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Can’t wait to mindblast players like you into oblivion :slight_smile:


As I said over on the other website Mr Llama understands the importance of WSG/WW being broken and he made some notes for the devs that are strictly for pvp. I believe he’s already mentioned WSG but I will make sure I talk to him more next weekend.


+1 to this. It’s obvious that the Fhr animation is not being cancelled at all in the d2r version. There is no need to redo the experiment because the difference is so significant that the minor difference in Fhr values between the pally/nec are within a margin of error. This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed if blizzard/VV truly want to be faithful to the original.


You want them to fix fixed glitch? Honestly, so what? PvP will change, why is that such a huge deal?


because wsg allows for characters to fight against stun locks. For example a druid getting mindblasted in traps by a sin without wsg is just dead. But with WSG, the matchup is actually playable.


Then change how mindblast work in pvp? Would not be that better solution instead of just using glitches and bugs?