Pull barb gameplay

Hey guys,
I just finished my build for pullbarb; still missing some rolls here and there but overall I think it’s pretty safe to give it a try
On my first party this morning, the others guys thought I did “ok” playing my part, but not excellent
I have learnt what I know so far from YT videos by Raxx, but I don’t really understand how I am supposed to keep everybody on IP while going ahead of the others and creating density…
Also should I wear Strongarms (I have primals) or Nemesis ? I’ve read different opinions
Anyway if you know about any good videos on how to play this build I would greatly appreciate it
Thanks a lot


This thread has lots of info. It’s long but you should have all questions answered and if not, ask in that thread.


Zbarb gearing is very straight forward. Read Free’s guide on gears / its mechanics.

However the gameplay requires a lot of writing for new barbs. Watch videos on how zbarb correctly pull is better than wall of txt. That are not many good zbarb pov streamers around.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw814-Ng_IGGqaDMe-vpRyg – Ze Darkapator

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_RsqMBFy0dA_53cqXa8mQ – Chewingnom

Both pov I like very much and i have 2000+ hours on Raekor zbarb. They, especially some of Ze Dark’s older footage demonstrates PRECISE pullings over high speed but inaccurate pulling. Zbarb is to be played with planning, control and strategy. Not charging the map like a mad locomotive and a million spears in all directions.

Feel free to ask more questions after watching some video. Focus on HOW they spear first before focusing the setup point / mob selections. Other players in group can help with that, but they cant help how you spear things.

You just charge forward and backwards. IP has a casting range (50 yard ish), so you dont need to stand at point blank range to cast. You cant cast IP when there are in next room even if the distance behind that wall is like 10 yards.

TigranDude, i agree with Blackarrows. That thread has lots of answers, if you have a day or two to read it all. But it still won’t answer you basic question, and one myself would like to know.

How do you keep IP up constantly while you moving ahead and creating density?