PTR with stuff already? - seasonal char

(Recreated on affected Account)

Its been a very long time since I have been on PTR - since introduction of torment 11-13, upon loading ptr, it made me create a new character- i created a seasonal witch doctor. (yes i double checked, i am seasonal), my stash had 3 tabs filled with junk from way back when I did ptr before. I also then got the emails to pick up loot from mail.

I’m sure seasonal PTR shouldn’t let me get all my gems etc. back from the past when I played ptr, I don’t even have the characters from the last PTR experience.

Below the char select theirs a button copy ptr or whatever that will copy your live toons so you can try out the new stuff.

PTR copy will not copy seasonal heroes as seasonal - they become non seasonal. OP is wondering why a new seasonal hero he created has items in the stash (apparently…?)