PTR was suppose to be open but the server is down

PTR suppose to be open but the server is down does that make sense

PTR has ended two months ago…


The PTR for D2R is up, or it was recently.


In which case, the thread should be on the D2R forums.


You would think they know what forum they are on. :dizzy:


But its an easy enough mistake. The D2R PTR is listed under the D3 game section on the launcher as well as the D2R game section.

They should not have listed it under D3 to start with, but that’s my opinion.

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Correct just like they have D2R stuff in the D4 news section. How difficult is it to keep it separated?

420 still alive and well

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Problem is the forum design. All the subforums use same “General Discussion” instead of D3 General Discussion, D2R General Discussion, D2 General Discussion.

Lol whatever you’re smoking…

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D3 forums

  • Dark green background
  • No stickies about D2R
  • Stickies about seasons

D2R forums

  • Red background with a pentagram motif
  • Stickies about D2R

Yeah, they’re so similar…


And mobile designs:




You still don’t understand. When I log into forums, I see new threads featured as “General Discussion.” I don’t know which General Discussion that thread is related to until I click on it. It is a forum design flaw which could easily be remedied. When I click on sub-forums D2 2000 and D2R General Discussion, both have green background not red.

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The forum indexes have their own logos. D3 forums have a very, very distinctive D3 logo, D2R forums have a very, very distinctive D2R logo. Also if you look at the title of the browser tab while at the index, it says “Diablo 3 Forums” when you are on the D3 forums, similar thing is for D2R forums too. That should be enough to indicate which forum one is browsing. Renaming “General Discussion” on D3 forums to “D3 General Discussion” for example is completely redundant. It’s not needed, there are already way more than enough signs to indicate different forums.


Look at the top, what logo do you see?

Look at the top, what logo do you see?

Why would the general discussion subsections need renaming?


Well, you know, it takes so much effort to change game pages using the options at the top, wouldn’t it be much easier if Blizz would redesign things ?

Prior to D2R getting its own forums, there was (and still is) a D2R sub-forum on the D3 forums. However, at the very top of…

You’d find this stickied thread…

That sticky has links to…

…and the D2R sub-forums of the D3 forums are all read-only and have been that way since D2R got its own forums.

Seems that some are misinterpreting. At least it used to be the case months ago. When I viewed “Unread” and “Latest” displaying “General Discussion,” I didn’t know if was referring to D3, D2R, or D2. Perhaps such is no longer an issue. I did click to see green not red background as stated. I don’t play the forums to rack up counts. I have no interest in D2, D2R sub-forums.

Too be fair, what I was referencing was on the battlenet app launcher page, not the forums. From there at least, it could be confusing. lol