PTR Tomorrow to Help Identify Freezing Issues

Pop Up PTR tomorrow.


I wish them success.


Yeah while I wish the developers the best in finding the root cause of the bug; the fact that it isn’t easily repeatable makes this very tricky.

My money is on the fmodex64.dll file with a sound driver bug. More specifically, since it seems to be random, my guess is a race condition somewhere between the game and the sound driver. Occasionally, the game might request a sound to be played when the CPU has reached its limit on sounds and for some reason decides to hang D3 instead of just skip the sound.

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I’m happy they are investigating it!

I’ll play ptr and help :slight_smile:

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Took a break from Diablo a couple days ago, but though id add this info in.

  1. New PC bought in March: AMD5600x, Asus 570x, Windows 10 1904: got 6-7 of these 5s freezes in solo GRs on a demon hunter within 1400 paragon.

  2. Old PC was from 2013, Intel 3770 Asus sabertooth z77 Windows 10: 1704. I disabled windows update back in 2018? Only graphics drivers were updated regularly. I’ve never experienced any freezing or lag issues the previous seasons (played s23 till about 1300p ) grouping with or playing firebirds myself when many people had this issue.

You might want a internal windows test machine on 1704 and see if any reproduceable issues can be reproduced on 1704. When I have 0 issues on a near 10 year old PC and a brand new one has issues, seems more like a windows update issue then a hardware one.

Except, this hasn’t been the case in all instances.

I have a relatively new machine (gen 7 i3, GTX1660, 32GB and nvme SSD) and an older one, and neither have the issue. I have also setup my father with a brand new 10th gen intel i7 with an RTX2060 and his has been fine.

But at the same time, I’m running older installation files of D3. I have not installed D3 fresh in a while. There has been no reason to. I just copy the D3 folder from machine to machine when upgrading, since I have 8MB DSL and don’t want to spend half a day+ downloading the game again.

Many claim this can cause issues with the file system that the install uses, though I have not seen any ill affects at all with any of my installations.

I have run multiple instances of the game from the same game folder.

My current box is running the latest 10 (21H1), updated drivers, onboard sound, etc. No problems at all. I even run razer keyboard, mouse and headset with their resource hogging software running in the background along with the battlenet launcher.

I don’t know what to tell you.

I do know that if I play Amazon music on my network, no matter what stream quality, it will always increase my latency to the point where it goes orange every so often. Soon as I kill it, no problem. But I can play a video on youtube and nothing happens. And it doesn’t matter where I play the music from, my echo, the TV, the PC, same thing. Go figure.

Update for my original thread:

I have posted the results for the survey’s I had up. There is some cross data I need to iron out, but I have to do it manually as the export feature requires a paid version. Of course.

However, I appreciate those that participated.