PTR this week! Nov 4th!

wow some of those gems look amazing, thanks for finding the pictures!

Watch wudijo new video on YouTube about the gems, he goes into a lot of detail on each one.

You can make your character more powerful than with the EW.

Yeah, it is just more power with some thought on the negative aspects of them.

Think after 14 seasons of power creep more power creep doesn’t excite me as much.

Funniest thing was how Sever is still broken. I mean, no one really needs that weapon…just remove it from the game.

If they keep on this path, I think they need to review their decision on GR150 being a hard cap.

The power creep is why I mainly switched to just focusing on running Sprinter/
Speed Racer efficiently as well as season starts. It’s just something different to do. Sadly though, Sprinter/Speed Racer lose their appeal after the umpteenth run where you’re guaranteed to pass it.

Season starts I still enjoy because there’s still competition (though not anymore on the PS or Switch). The great thing about them though is you only get one attempt every few months (or up to 3 if you run different servers).

I’ve been attempting this since season 15, and I would say that in roughly 20+ attempts, I’ve never had a successful season start. Perhaps Haedrig’s Gift or Kadala didn’t go your way. Or, you mess up on massacre bonus leveling. Or, a friend you were hoping to play with shows up late, or not at all. Or, a phone call comes in the middle of the run, and they have to step away from the game during the season start. Or, the seasonal power you were hoping for isn’t included. Or you finally have the greatest season you’ve ever had, and there are server issues, and despite you running a GR which is 40+ levels higher than anyone else at the time, it doesn’t register.

As I stated above, I practice pre-season, and have been practicing for the past several seasons, and there’s just one thing or another that throws a wrench in your plans, no matter how well you have it down.

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I think it’s good that there are different ways for people to enjoy the game. I dont spend that much time on it, so am still just enjoying exploring more of it’s features and getting a better understanding of mechanics when I get time to play.

I liked hearing how high people playing in a more dedicated way were able to reach in earlier seasons.

With GR150 being smashed in short order every season lately, it really takes away an element of the interest in the game. I’ve posted separately to prompt some ideas to remedy it and hope devs will catch it and consider.

Nice. Are you planning on playing ashes of creation in the future.

They can’t…it breaks the server if they go past it and the numbers for health become too large.

I doubt anything would actually break but the health numbers would definitely exceed the range which 64-bit integers can display. With signed 64-bit integers number range is enough only up to GR159.

To go beyond GR150 a new scaling is required. Since health numbers increase 17% every GR multiplicatively, the easiest alternative is to reduce the damage player deals by an inverted amount which is 1/1.17 = 0.8547 and that is 14.53%.

they really changed a lot when the new update. really great job by the Dev team.