PTR this week! Nov 4th!

oh… it is on. Console do not get to partake in PTR, but this is a important 1st step before the new season starts.

Holding a funeral service for Firebird Wizard. Everyone is invited… so sad…I’m going to miss 1 hour rifts and dashboarding hosts while watching the clock run backwards…

I don’t really know if that’s enough of a nerf, I just hope it is.

S24 ends when PTR goes live or later?

PTR ends then you normally have 2/3 weeks before patch and Season starts so the PTR starting on Nov 4th means you are talking end of Nov roughly for S24 to end.

S25 should start in early December. All to be announced soon.

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Looks like the estimate on the gamewatcher site was pretty close.

just how bad is the nerf on firebird’s set? Cos that’s another nail in the coffin for me with this game. The shadow buffs are a total joke as far as I’m concerned. Meh, s25 will be season journey only. Between work and my astronomy hobby, I CBF with this game anymore.

2 piece and 6 piece multipliers appear to be halved. I played it a bit in NS before S24 and a small amount in S24. Hopefully it’s aligned with other sets, but that’s about as much I’d be concerned about. I never took to the playstyle, even with it’s power.

Doesn’t bother me they overshoot a bit on some revamped sets… give fans of it a day in the sun. Appreciate that’s an approach that’s not to everyone’s liking though. Personally I think it’s hard work for them to land bang on when revamping. Likely to be a bit under or a bit over at least and need tuning when seeing what people do with it. Sure, they could be more thorough with more resources… but reality…

have they nerfed the over OP sets…nope…shrugs nerf them all, but nerf them so that they are balanced. Blizzard doesn’t know how to balance this game, that much is blatantly obvious.

shadows set has always been a single target set…it makes no sense to give it some crowd kill, when it’s main show is still weak as hell. It’s like rubbing some butter on sunburn lol.

Down to one quarter of power so about 8-9 GR levels.

wow, way to ruin it. I only ever pushed to GR130 in NS (p2700; mirror image shields variant that Raxx wrote about some time ago). For me, the nerf means GR116 in seasons, screwing my gem level ups. Nice one Blizzard.

Perhaps if Blizzard nerfed the REAL issue (group play and paragon points). Get rid of the current solo LBs and replace them with SSF LBs. Problem solved. Very easy solution, no nerfing required. Kills off the group runners milking the massive group advantages and mega paragon that they get and then running solo runs at the end of the season, screwing genuine solo players.

Barbs only got one buff and that was to Remorseless. That should make immortal Kings actually be good now.

I thought Barb was an interesting choice for a buff.

By rhykker’s scale, Barb seems to have quite a few builds in S and A tier… buffing remorseless by 3.2x presumably brings IK, Raekor & LoD HotA builds up from B tier to A or S.

There seems to be other classes not already featuring quite so many options in A / S tier.

Anyway, it’s in. Maybe I’ll give it a run in S25 if there are some decent wings / other rewards for the guardian journey.

Barb WW is really the only good set. Yes, there is Zbarb but that is not a set, just a team only way of playing. Earth was only good THIS season, it will go back to being crap as soon as the season ends, LOL.

Diablo 3 is absolutely terrible on console anyways. It doesn’t stand up to PC, and is basically a joke.

I don’t understand why they made a terrible UI for diablo 3 console as well as diablo 2 resurrected console…

I don’t know which is worse, but it’s obvious they do not care about console players, only care about money…

It does seem to stand out at least on rhyker’s tier list. The only S-tier build and within 5 GRs behind it, MotE Siesmic, MotE Earthquake and Frenzy.

I’ve been playing a bit of WW. It’s been fun, but I’m not too sure about the repetitive / contrived buff maintenance on some builds. I tend to avoid that sort of thing in games… but we’ll see how it goes after playing a bit longer. open as I work awaiting download of 2.7.2!!!

wahoo! are you going to stream some play so us lowly console players can see what the new stones are like? :slight_smile:

Well I played the PTR…got all 7 Soul Shards…levelled them up to Rank 3…they are…uninspiring.

They add benefits but also have negative aspects like add 25% to cooldown times etc…

Ethereals were far better. I don’t anticipate the hype train for S25.

I just got a Closed Beta key for Lost Ark…see ya!

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Not quite sure I agree. While there are some tradeoffs, with similar gear and stats, I managed to pull off a 1:57 GR77 whereas prior to the PTR, it was an 8:56 GR72. It’s all about finding tradeoffs that don’t affect you.

Anyway, enjoy your closed beta.

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