Ptr seasonal theme bugs


While playing ptr, the following things perhaps are unintended.

  • The seasonal power granting strafe to cast the last hatred spender seems to stop casting it after level up. I chose multishot. It keeps firing multishot as intended until I gain a level up. Recasting multishot reinitiates the auto casting by strafe.
  • Having strafe cast the last hatred spender, causes that spell to be shot in a random direction. Because you know, strafing goes all the way fast in different directions. Perhaps nicer to direct this last hatred spender into the direction of baddies.
  • Angelic crucibles do not always upgrade the item to ancient level stats. Quite often the normal item values get their optimum. Not ancient level stats.

As a suggestion, I would love to be able to equip as many sanctified items as I want, off course having that special power only once. Upgrading to all ancients with optimal stats would be awesome.

As feedback, I would love to have a way game wide, permanent to upgrade items to get all the stats I want with the values I want. And equip as many of those as I want. Off course by playing the game.

Can the angelic crucible perhaps be turned into something to achieve such goal post season?

Not sure if that change would effect the MS skill itself. It shoots in the direction you’re pointing. So, if you change it to shoot in the direction of baddies, would that change now break MS itself for the UE set? How would one get around this? Make a duplicate MS skill that does shoot at the baddies. A duplicate skill that would only relevant for a season. Perhaps no easy solution. Might have to leave it the way it is.

Could maybe use the force attack button to make Strafe spin in place, so the player can point their reticle at the target for MS, but that too could have unintended consequences for the force attack mechanism.

Directing at baddies as part of that special power comes to mind.
So, UE and other uses would be safe.

Seems they fixed the issue for the most part after this last PTR patch. At least my experimental Gears build with MS works even better now, shooting more toward the targets you would expect it to. Wonder if this experimental build could make zDH both support and damage dealer at the same time next season :thinking:

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