PTR Seasonal Achievement Points leaderboard is broken

It’s showing players with far more achievement points than they have in the season (or that it’s even possible to achieve).

The max possible seasonal achievement points should be 1050, and there’s a couple dozen players already over the max. When manually inspecting the achievements profile of these players, most of them actually only have ~500-600 points.

Regular and Solo Self Found are treated as separate achievement points. Thus, you can get 2100 Achievement points.

Personally, I really don’t have an issue with that.

But, as I posted in a thread below, the seasonal journeys are also separate. Though you can only collect the rewards once. And Conquest Leaderboards are shared (thus, not all leaderboards are separate for SSF and regular).

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Huh. Yeah, you’re right.

I guess needing to do everything twice for 100% isn’t the worst thing.

But I do think it’s kind of weird to separately track the actual achievements for SSF vs. normal, but then combine the achievement points into one grand total, and then also not separate out the conquest leaderboards. And separating out the journey but then not giving a separate Haedrig’s Gift reward for SSF vs. normal is also kinda strange. Should probably just combine the journey like they do for SC/HC. Or separate out the rewards for SSF vs. Normal. Separating the journey but not the rewards just feels weird.

Just seems like kind of a weird mish-mash of separate vs. combined.

(have you tried conquests in both modes, can you appear on the same conquest leaderboard twice if you do the conquest in SSF and normal?)

Nope. You only appear once on the conquest leaderboards. (Also in the video on my thread of the bugged SSF journey counting as separate).

Overall, I agree with you. Personally, I do think they should be shared, and this season should only have 1150 achievement points. The 950 should be shared account wide achievements, with the remaining 200 being conquests (SC, HC, SSF SC, SSF HC).