PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

Just lost a wiz to HC freeze death. It happened twice. The first time it lagged out for 5sec but it resumed game with 3 proc’ed death.
Same GR, second time completely frozen and dead character.

Don’t know how you guys by pass the limit for pastebin.
Attached full file here: (remove spaces)
https ://

Hope this helps. This was a 5 second freeze, not the worse I have had in the past.

I posted a report. Why did you guys just deleted my post?

Pastebin will not allow upload 12MB text content.
Don’t know why my PTR D3Debug.txt is 12MB. I ran like only 4 GRs and already crashed.

Freeze twice:

First time 5sec
Second time completely crashed to desktop

https ://

Here is upload to google drive.

One quick question, I see there are two debug.txt files. One for the live and the other is the PTR. I assume that I would post on pastbin the PTR debug.txt file instead of the live one. Is this assumption correct?

Yes, that is correct.


can you kindly confirm that the crash occurred within the PTR Pop-up?

If you havent started a new game, can you shoot over your report via Pastebin?

CPU Details: Intel(R) Core™ i9-10980XE CPU @ 3.00GHz
CPU Processors: 0 (target 1)
CPU Cores: 16 (target 18)
CPU Threads: 36
something is wrong with your system :wink:… or diablo cannot interpret it correct :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

GR100 FB Wizard Freeze

Ran a GR90 beforehand and had no error. Screen froze for 10 seconds and then continued. This happens on Live and PTR unless I copy the “fmodex64.dll” from “Heros of the Storm” over before each launch.

I checked Somebody’s Pastebin. The first line (like mine) says,

  1. User defined symbols path: D:\\Diablo III Public Test\x64

Does that confirm it?

The D3Debug file is 12MB. You cannot paste it on pastebin.

Been testing for a while now on laptop, no freezes occur for me.
Any tips to invoke them?

Yeah I’m having same problem can’t post on Pastebin file is to large! My file is 710 KB after running two Greater Rifts to get game Freezing.

HTH, how many from one person do you need. I can generate tons of these as its a constant problem.




@RevButtKick, The limit on PasteBin is 512K per paste… I suggest you split it in two and paste each half separately.

@Niercraft, sorry bro… there’s no way you can paste that large a file on Pastebin… you will need to trim it down somehow. Even pro members can only go to about 10 MBytes.


From the Pastebin FAQ :

What is the maximum paste size?

The maximum size a paste can be is 512 kilobytes (0.5 megabytes). This is should be enough for almost any script, and it prevents people from jamming our servers. PRO members are allowed to create pastes up to 10 megabytes.

Update 5:00pm (PST)

We have gathered a sufficient amount of data to implement a fix, and are now working towards creating a new build to do another round of testing. Here’s what’s coming:

  • 8/5 | As of this post, we can halt further testing!
  • 8/6 | A new PTR Pop-up build will be created and we’ll notify this thread once it’s available for an update. We’re hoping to see if the freeze issue subsides or continues through the new build. We’re asking folks to see if there are ways to reproduce the bug and if so please share D3Debug.txt files like we all did today.

We want to take the time to give an enormous amount of thanks to all of you watching, listening, sharing, and posting on this issue. We all thought it was the coolest thing for us to come together to identify some of the issues regarding the freeze, and we understand that you took time from your day to help - thank you :bowing_man:!. Looking forward to the investigation continuing tomorrow and hopefully, we’ve all fixed this together!


Thanks for the heads up was thinking of splitting it in half. Tried to go pro but pro is sold out!

Guess I will have to wait for next patch update now!

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Awesome, thank you for the update and a huge thanks to the devs working behind the scenes on this fix =)

Happy to help. Just found another freeze and came to post but found this update so I’ll be back tomorrow to help out with the new build! Have a good night everyone!

I’m not entirely certain if my crashes are the same bug or not, but it happens pretty frequently so I figured I should share.

Usually I find it happens within a few minutes of starting a game, although it occasionally happens after a longer time. More often than not, if I get through a regular rift, it won’t crash for an hour or so. I also get crashes more frequently if I alt+tab.

For this one, I had started a new game, ran a quick vault run, and then I was just moving inventory around in town when it crashed:


Screenshot of settings:

Fired up PTR
Made PTR Copy
Put Deathwish on as main weapon w/ Big Emerald

Started a GR100 with game freezing twice in dense and semi-dense mob areas of map.

There really is no rule for creating this freeze.

It is just play the game for me.

Any Hero class/build will encounter freeze’s in almost every run multiple times. SS of the freeze moment.
In this next run gr120 my HC wizard ripped on the third freeze.
My PC gaming system is perfect for reproducing freeze’s in every game, all the time, with every hero. SS of Video settings

Another rip of a HC hero from freeze