PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

This is the best PTR version so far. No visible lags at all with my Solo Firebird Wizard running GR130.

Log 1
Log 2

There are a lots of FMOD error (1215) in the log file, but the game was very responsive and no visible lags.

Good job, Devs!

P.S.> The forum does not allow me to include links in my post, so i cannot upload settings as images.

About 25 minutes of playing (two GRs and some other stuff)
Got one huge lag on the First GR Guardian Orlash (the second Orlash in the next GR, was normal, such random)
Frame: 34722 - Blocking read: 720.79 ms
There weren’t such lags in previous build… But I’ve not died because Orlash was almost dead…
As for FMOD errors sound not ready there are tons of them, but I’ve not got anything larger then 11ms…

I went on with my friend to test it out and we didn’t experience any freezes or anything of that kind. We aimed specifically for the Festering Woods layout in GR 120 and pulled multiple elite packs and half the map together and had no lag really… Here’s the pastebin of my D3Debug from PTR

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8/13 PTR Pop-up | Incoming Update!

We have an incoming update coming soon for the PTR Pop-up! The team is working on an update and we can now pause testing on the current version. Hang tight from updates from me on when the new build is live. Really appreciate the posts and stay tuned!!


8/13 | PTR Update is now live!

A new PTR Pop-up version is available to play and we’re looking to gather feedback on performance issues!

  • Performance testing: We’re hoping to get an assessment from players on how the game is running from an overall performance and audio standpoint
  • Share with us your experience: Did you run GR’s, Bounties, etc. How long was your play session? How was this version compared to the previous?
  • Settings: What settings are you currently running while playing?

Note: This time around we won’t be asking for D3Debug.txt files to let everyone dive into sharing feedback on the performance of your experience around what you normally do on the live build. We’re looking forward to hearing back!


Using a LoD Energy Twister/Arcane Torrent Build I ran a T16 Rift, 5 GR90’s, 4 Ubers, and Massacred my way thru Weeping Hollow and Fields of Misery. No problems, performance was excellent.


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I got an hour of gameplay in so far, I will edit this post with more data when I get more time to test. Overall the playtest was incredibly smooth.
With a Whirlwind Barbarian and these Settings I did:
2 speed Greater Rifts
2 Nephalem Rifts
25 Bounties (all acts)
2 five minute Greater Rifts for larger enemy clusters

I didn’t come across ANY issues in any of the rifts I did. In fact this play session I turned sound and music on and didn’t notice any sound issues. I keep sound/music off on live to help minimize freezing, and have until today been testing these PTR builds with my live settings. A common issue on live is using AoE abilities on large groups of enemies can sometimes make sound effects cut off and I didn’t notice that at all in this PTR build.

I did, however, notice a couple of very minor performance issues while doing bounties. I got a micro freeze/stutter while fighting through Rakkis Crossing, which is a zone that usually has frame rate issues anyway so no big deal there. Another micro freeze in the Realm of Unbending Fate (Act 4 bounty zone). One minor rubberband in Halls of Agony 3, but not an issue.

The previous PTR build was very smooth and I noticed no freezes in 3 total hours. But I also didn’t do any bounties in the last build. Since I only found issues during bounties in this current build, I’ll be switching back to my live settings and do some more testing and report back soon. Making sure I’m not seeing different results because of different settings.

I played another hour with an Inna Monk and these Settings and did:
5 speed Greater Rifts
2 Nephalem Rifts
25 Bounties
2 five minute Greater Rifts

I didn’t notice a single freeze/stutter. Everything was very smooth! It’s possible there may have been a micro freeze while using Dashing Strike and it just blended in with the screen shift of the dash? Either way very impressed with how far this bug fix has come. The micro freezes aren’t at all game altering/inconvenient. Great job! Thank you so much for this. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Got only time to play Bounty Act 5 (around 20 minutes), as it’s most freezing one, even Malthael was really smooth and Cursed shrines with all the elites (due to the Nemesis Bracers) were perfect, no lags with sound and music on. I couldn’t test it for a longer period (as the more you play, the more you get freezing, that was about live server).

Edit: So I’ve done much longer testing (about 2 hours and 30 minutes), Bounty 5 Acts (5 Act was cleared more fiercely), 1 Vault (there were more puzzle rings, one of them were ancient, but I’ve decided to sell them), 2 GRs, Ex Bosses (that are in need of keys for them) and some other stuff… There were two small lags (Blocking read: 32ms and 65ms), of course there are tons of FMOD Error during ‘FMOD_Channel_SetPosition’: in debug.txt, but it wasn’t slowing the game and freeze it… There weren’t any FMOD sound not ready and something alike… And in total, the game were much smoother then in any previous PTR versions…

startet s24 hardcore, nearly 70 now.
Not one single freeze.

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The game runs smooth as butter. Playing solo Firebird Wizard GR130. No visual lags or glitches.


I hope to see this fix soon on the live servers.

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Firebird build. Lags on the season begin when I use clones and they start to beat. Everything is fine on PTR. But when I went back for the season there were still lags. Lags in the season in rifts and great rifts. Lags disappear when the sound is turned off, but there are still freezes for 5-10 seconds even when the sound is turned off. Here are the logs from the PTR (logs from the season on next post):
PTR D3Debug.txt
PTR D3PrefsPTR.txt

Here are the logs from the season:
Season D3Debug.txt
Season D3Prefs.txt

Test #2 - maximised video & sound settings (gRift tier 120)

D3Debug.txt : Boubou's D3Debug #2 -
Video Settings :
Sound Settings :

Ran very well… GPU max temp around 61°C which is normal for my system. No issue with performance and sound.

Only hiccup occurred at 09:23 when I clicked on my 1st pylon; there was a brief freeze before the monsters appeared (my follower is wearing Nemesis bracers). There were no similar freeze for the other pylons in the gRift. There seems to be many errors in the D3Debug.txt files… a lot more than I expected to find given the smoothness of the game.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the PTR Pop-Up; I do hope that the results I am providing will be helpful if nothing else to confirm what you are already seeing. Hopefully, the modifications you have made for the PTR will be scalable to the Live environment.

Cheers !


Software developer here. My observation has been that it happens on the way to a crash and I first start noticing it in very dynamic situations, using crowd effect skills and blowing up dozens of mooks at once. Once it stats, for me, a crash usually follows.

This season is the first time i’ve seriously played monk and my first decent speed build, i’m having fun just hosting plvl games, intermixed with grifting and bounty runs. i also run a sniper builds a lot. Having found this thread after discovering the ptr was live i just went back to start a new ptr game, did “join game”, waited long enough to type these comments and surf the web some, and then got a client disconnected message. I’ll see if i can locate the logs.

is the fix going to address everything causing freezing…including but no limited to, sound, certain specs, area damage etc??

Still lagging.

Played for little more than an hour on Firebirds Wizard running GR120’s one after another.

Absolutely the best game play experience I have had for more that a year! With no games freezes or shuttering at all. All video setting set on High at 3840 x 2160 display resolution and sound set to 128 bit.

Settings 8-14-21 D3PrefsPTR.txt

Congratulations this update fixed it for me!

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