PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended


Yeah lots of freezes sometimes even longer than 10 seconds. The game is just unplayable and I have never had this issue before with the game. I know I had no fmodex64 errors and I am assuming it is something else… I’ve tried the chroma fix but I have tried uninstalling synapse and using a standard mouse and keyboard - still freezes. Really unsure what the issue is so maybe I will take your advice and get a tech support person to look at it.

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Will the new Build also fix the broken ingame FPS cap in newer Windows builds?

Not more then 75hz here, possible is 100+
so i think NO. But mb a W11 thing here.

a year? lol try multiple years…

8/12 PTR Pop-up Update | New Build Available for Update

The latest PTR Pop-up build is now available for download. Looking forward to hearing news on performance from everyone that has time to spare for testing.


Two GR125s with the FB MI Wizard:

Sound Channels back to High, no more stuttering for me, even on High Density Maps.

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I haven’t gotten a freeze before, but I was suffering from lots of stuttering while playing a FB Wizard. The latest patch has fixed this issue for me.

Settings: refer to my previous post: PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue - PTR NOW LIVE! - #44 by StrikerX3-1758

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8/12 PTR Pop-up Update

Started with Whirlwind Barb got lots of FMOD errors but did not freeze or shutter through 3 GR’s 110 in 24 minutes time.

Whirlwind Barb PTR 8/12 Update GR110


8/12 PTR Pop-up Update

Firebirds Wizard got lots of FMOD errors but no micro freezes at all. But did get a few shutters in a GR 110 in 5 minutes time. D3Debug.txt file is in 2 parts was to big for pastebin.

Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 Part #1
Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 Part #2

Much better than last patch!

Settings D3PrefsPTR.txt

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Second run with Firebirds Wizard with similar results still no micro freezes.
But did get a lot more shutters than last GR110. Played for 4 1/2 minutes.

D3Debug.txt file is in 2 parts.

Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 #2 Part #1
Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 #2 Part #2


Happened again. Here’s the second one from tonight.


Played for over an hour with no problems at all.
After looking at the D3Debug however there were many

2021.08.12 18:17:26.320225300 FMOD Memory - total: 178257920
2021.08.12 18:17:26.320527000 FMOD Memory - allocated: 39841968, - max allocated: 39841968
2021.08.12 18:17:27.296727700 FMOD Error sound not ready in 12.75 ms
2021.08.12 18:17:27.297028100 FMOD Error during ‘FMOD_Channel_SetPosition’: Operation could not be performed because specified sound/DSP connection is not ready.

the file grew rapidly beyond my post limit with past bin so heres a partial post

For some reason I can’t post screen shot of my settings so heres this instead

Played a total of about three hours (across four classes) and never noticed any freezes or stutters. Longest single session was about 80 mins, smooth sailing the whole time. Checking the d3debug showed a lot of fmod errors I was surprised to see given I didn’t visually notice any of them.

Gonna be a busy weekend for me but I’ll try to get more testing in with different settings to see if anything changes. Fantastic job with the latest build! Thank you for all the hard work =)

yep, good job Devs!
a lot of FMOD errors 8-16ms but no freezes
running under w11.22000.132


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I posted some instructions here on how to do that :

I hope this helps.

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This is the best PTR version so far. No visible lags at all with my Solo Firebird Wizard running GR130.

Log 1
Log 2

There are a lots of FMOD error (1215) in the log file, but the game was very responsive and no visible lags.

Good job, Devs!

P.S.> The forum does not allow me to include links in my post, so i cannot upload settings as images.

About 25 minutes of playing (two GRs and some other stuff)
Got one huge lag on the First GR Guardian Orlash (the second Orlash in the next GR, was normal, such random)
Frame: 34722 - Blocking read: 720.79 ms
There weren’t such lags in previous build… But I’ve not died because Orlash was almost dead…
As for FMOD errors sound not ready there are tons of them, but I’ve not got anything larger then 11ms…

I went on with my friend to test it out and we didn’t experience any freezes or anything of that kind. We aimed specifically for the Festering Woods layout in GR 120 and pulled multiple elite packs and half the map together and had no lag really… Here’s the pastebin of my D3Debug from PTR