PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

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Thank you so much for doing all this for us :slight_smile: means alot. So far we are so close at least no more 10 second freezes :smiley:

I have tried everything even changing keyboards and mice to non razer and uninstalling synapse. I tried the fmodex64.dll workaround but I still get little jumps here and there and essentially, I didn’t buy the game to play it with no sound - I have poor sight and use my hearing to help at times.

Here is the pastebin for my d3debug file from the first and last time I will play till this is fixed as it was just one freeze after another and just an unplayable game right now for me - very sad considering I played since launch

I hope this gets fixed soon cause I don’t wanna have to go to PoE or Final Fantasy again - Or even Runescape if I’m desperate.


hi Gabrath,
Blizzard changed the FMOD logs in v77360.
No more FMOD " error not Ready"
in fact your log has no ERROR entry.
but a lot of “Good” FMOD ready in 10-80ms

if you still have hard freezes then open a ticket to TechSupport, it must be another problem.
Did your game crash with freezed screen?

FB-MI Wizard again:

With Settings unchanged (from above), the stuttering is still there.
With Sound Channels at 16 however, the stuttering disappears.
Tried switching between Low and High in between a Rift and as soon as i go to High, the stuttering begins, back to Low the stuttering stops immediatly.

I see this as an absolute win, so well done team!

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8/11 PTR Pop-up Update

We’ve gathered a good volume of feedback and data and wanted to share that we are working on a new build! Players can pause from submitting reports and ill chime in here to share updates on when a new build will be ready!

To share with everyone, this morning we grouped and read through the most recent posts, reviewed the logs, and using the feedback to think through how to improve/test the performance further. Sorry to sound like a broken record but, we’re extremely grateful for all the posts and help!

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


No worries! Good luck with the new build =)

If it ends up fixing the issue, after a year of it affecting the game, you play the same song as much as you like.


A little late to the party, but still may be my test will be useful for the devs.
So I’ve played for 1 hour and about 20 minutes, there were two GRs (80/85lev), then I’ve changed my settings for video and sound: (Test for the FMODsound and possible crashes (as in live it could make total freeze and then disconnect)) (video setting were set to the max, for the rest of the playing) (sound was set to the high 128 channels)
During playing there were few freezes (80-100ms), graphic performance was OK on the max settings, but mostly it was perfect (during one Vault and other 80lv GRs)


Yeah lots of freezes sometimes even longer than 10 seconds. The game is just unplayable and I have never had this issue before with the game. I know I had no fmodex64 errors and I am assuming it is something else… I’ve tried the chroma fix but I have tried uninstalling synapse and using a standard mouse and keyboard - still freezes. Really unsure what the issue is so maybe I will take your advice and get a tech support person to look at it.

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Will the new Build also fix the broken ingame FPS cap in newer Windows builds?

Not more then 75hz here, possible is 100+
so i think NO. But mb a W11 thing here.

a year? lol try multiple years…

8/12 PTR Pop-up Update | New Build Available for Update

The latest PTR Pop-up build is now available for download. Looking forward to hearing news on performance from everyone that has time to spare for testing.


Two GR125s with the FB MI Wizard:

Sound Channels back to High, no more stuttering for me, even on High Density Maps.

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I haven’t gotten a freeze before, but I was suffering from lots of stuttering while playing a FB Wizard. The latest patch has fixed this issue for me.

Settings: refer to my previous post: PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue - PTR NOW LIVE! - #44 by StrikerX3-1758

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8/12 PTR Pop-up Update

Started with Whirlwind Barb got lots of FMOD errors but did not freeze or shutter through 3 GR’s 110 in 24 minutes time.

Whirlwind Barb PTR 8/12 Update GR110


8/12 PTR Pop-up Update

Firebirds Wizard got lots of FMOD errors but no micro freezes at all. But did get a few shutters in a GR 110 in 5 minutes time. D3Debug.txt file is in 2 parts was to big for pastebin.

Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 Part #1
Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 Part #2

Much better than last patch!

Settings D3PrefsPTR.txt

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Second run with Firebirds Wizard with similar results still no micro freezes.
But did get a lot more shutters than last GR110. Played for 4 1/2 minutes.

D3Debug.txt file is in 2 parts.

Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 #2 Part #1
Firebirds Wizard PTR 8/12 Update GR110 #2 Part #2