PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

Very glad to see Blizzard is working on this problem. It’s very frustrating for players. Ongoing support for an 8 (or 9 now?) year old game reflects positively at a time when I think Blizzard could use some good vibes. Hopefully you can find the issue!

I find that doing the “Plague Tunnels” bounty in Act V will very often cause a lag spike. It seems some sounds in there are unique that my game has issues processing.

Super high Area Damage %. Full Groups. Massive Density. 150 Greater Rift Level. Try that and not lag.

This is great news. I miss playing with sound. So many unkilled goblins.


I’d like to participate, what time will this be starting for those of us in the GMT & CEST time zone?

This has been around since S22 at least. It’s due to FMod and a windows change. Here is a post that explains what happens and shows the D3Debug.txt log showing the error. The fix was replacing the D3 FMod with the Heroes of the Storm FMod, and living without sound. Hopefully Blizzard can give us a better permanent fix. Wudijo and Leviathan and many other content creators have posted fix videos on youtube for this bug.

The timing of this is certainly suspect. A cynical man might note it’s a PR move. They’ve had a couple patch cycles to fix it, but now it’s a priority.

Oh well, take what we can get!

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To date, I have been using the FMOD work around. Best wishes towards resolving freezing issue. It has been a year since Blizzard stated they had collected enough. Now here we go again.


Yet the FMOD work around does nothing for me, and I never had this issue until the season 24 patch. /shrug

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Forcing game to run on core 0 and core 1 in task manager windows made me experience freezes like 95% less one in 4 h or less without it 10sec freeze each 8min

hey guys!
just for info
if you using Win 10 till build 1909 inclusive, Diablo 3 dont have any freezes etc…
Problem starts on build 2004 (20H1) and up to the current version!


when can we test (CET time please)

In last patch, it showed ‘FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms’ in D3Debug.txt.

In this patch, it shows ‘FMOD sound ready after xx ms’

Are they meaning the same thing?

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Oh yeah I get those too, sadly they are quite random, I was getting them often when I would get a friend related toast notification. I disabled that and now I get them randomly every now and then.

If people fix it by replacing some old .dll file into the game folder, what is there to investigate, really?

They don’t fix it. It’s just a workaround which bypass the problem(s).

Finally action for this issue!

I used to have this problem but fixed it using this post.

I’ve had no issues since. Except a weird bug on live with a Necro LoD build that kept on DCing. Pretty sure they are not related.

For any of those wondering, your D3Debug.txt file will be located in a folder called InspectorReporter on whichever drive you have it installed.

The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Public Test\InspectorReporter and the debug file will be inside a folder with the Date/time of the incident.


I believe it depends on your installation drive. For example, mine are located in:

Live Server

D:\Diablo III\InspectorReporter\ReportedBugs\(Date/Time Folders)

and the most recent one is in:

D:\Diablo III\x64

PTR Server

D:\Diablo III Public Test\InspectorReporter\ReportedBugs\(Date/Time Folders)

and the most recent one is in:

D:\Diablo III Public Test\x64