PTR patch update for season 21 yet?

Is 2.6.9 ready to go

No, which is why there’s a stickied thread about the delay in General Discussion…

The earliest you’re likely to see the PTR become available is Tuesday 26th.

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you tease us with the week of the 24th and then say the earliest is the 26th… i get you want to throw out a good product so we can test it but that hellcat belt must be really messing with your numbers along with a few supporting items.

The necromancer has arrived and is now resurrecting the dead.

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Do not “bump” posts.

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping old threads for no reason (also called “necroing”).

Update: JeremyAaron removed his necro post after he resurrected the dead.

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Wow, you necro-bumped a 5 month old thread just to tell me that I shouldn’t mention that the information being asked for was already in a stickied thread at the top of the forum, which I then provided a link to and quoted? Not only that, you suggest that if I said something in real life you didn’t like that you’d punch me in the face to give me a black eye. So, necro-bumping and real life threats all rolled into one, all in just your 2nd post.


Necrotrolling… :roll_eyes:

For reference purposes:

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That was too much run on. I wanted to reply back on something I forgot about. You took the time to reply to it 5 months ago and so its only proper that I take the time to reply. To clarify, I find it rude to ask a question and then not thank the person who took the time to reply to you and you were the only person who answered, same as my other question I just asked a little bit ago. I appreciate your Diablo PTR Forums Due Diligence, truly. I would only possibly consider running moderation for someone if they personally asked me, unless the website/IP in questions was small or I was just that darn passionate and diligent about it. Anyhow, take understand from me when I tell you I don’t care if the post was 6 months ago, it was relevant and I wanted to let you know I read it loud and clear. Its the least I could do. BTW: I’ll be 45 in a couple months, but if i was 25, I’d not use a lot of, if not most of the slang terms people are using these days: Necro Bumping? I’m not taking any liberties with deceased people, though I do like the new character models they gave The Forsaken in Wow. Combining two ridiculously far unrelated words is a fad that I’m proud I never partook of. It sounds like bad rhetoric from a William Gibson story. If you like to read, look him up and you’re welcome. Also thank you for answering my query about the servers. I was wondering if I was having an issue on my end instead of the opposite. Thanks for that. PS: I meant what I said in my 1st reply to you. Every single word, misspelled or otherwise. Its something to consider in your personal life when interaction with other people. Occasionally you’re going to come across someone who doesn’t care about precedent or protocol. If you slight them, they likely aren’t going to play "Who got da best comeback’ with you. They’ll take on a more Percussive approach to having the last hurrah.

This is explained in the stickied post at the top of the forum…
Welcome! Pleas Read

Do not “bump” posts.

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping old threads for no reason (also called “necroing”).

So, as you’re bumping an old thread, it’s necro-bumping or necroing.
Incidentally, that stickied post also says this…

The search function at the top of the community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, we recommend using search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the information you seek.

…which is why, in my initial response five months ago, I mentioned that there was a stickied thread giving you the answer to the question you’d just asked, i.e. if you’d searched before posting, you would have gotten the answer without even needing to make a post.

why u reply…
seriously, why?