PTR not dropping Soul Shards-Zero drops

On T16 I killed every boss and every elite etc on the way to every boss , chest etc, and i have had zero drops. I had this issue last PTR with etherials.
is my PTR corrupt or something?
Your help is appreciated

They drop for me every now and then but most i bought from the PTR vendor, Fortune bags.

Are you playing a seasonal char? Soul shards (and ethereals) are only in seasonal play.


I just did a PTR copy and my seasonal characters copied into PTR as non-seasonal. The only way I can play PTR is by making lvl 1 characters. No, thanks.

Well, your live seasonal characters are on S24 and the season the PTR is S25. So pretty obviously your S24 character doesn’t magically become S25 character.

Leveling a character to 70 on the PTR takes very little time, thanks to the 300% XP buff.


Gotcha…and I’m outta here.

PTR 2.7.2 Not all the items are dropping when purchasing a Bag of Fortune. Ex. The only things dropping are consumables and Impale set item pieces. Is this happening to anyone else?

The bag of fortune on a SEASONAL character will only drop the new class items for your class this season, the Rams Gift, a royal emerald, consumable embers for soul shards, and all of the 7 soul shards. If you open on a non-seasonal character, it will exclude the embers and soul shards as they this season’s theme.


Has always been that way. Your existing seasonal heroes are for season 24 - the PTR is to test the upcoming season 25, so of course your heroes are copied over as non-seasonal.

No bug - pilot error.


Playing in season drops are normal for PTR. Forgot…

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